Checklist How to get Adsense before 6 Months

Adsense is the best way to earn revenue from your blog. It is the most general and almost the highest paying Ad Network. Recently, a lot of bloggers who are beginners end up asking the same question in a lot of forums, groups and discussion blogs that “Can I apply for Adsense before 6 months age of my blog?” To answer their quest to get monetary benefits from their blogs, I am today compiling a little checklist. All about How to get Adsense before 6 Months.

Always follow your own rules, be more natural but all this after doing three things.


Step #1

One being the reading of Google Adsense Terms all by yourself, it will hardly take a day or two and you will know what is allowed and what isn’t.

Step #2

Secondly, look what others are doing, divide and conquer this issue (the one that keeps disturbing a beginner, yes the SHOULD I APPLY FOR ADSENSE NOW OR NOT question). See and follow what others did before they applied for Adsense, read do a little research

Step #3 My Advice

Third my advice, it is seriously not a rule or law, I have never applied for Adsense more than one time, but I have observed is as follows

  • A set of 30 Quality articles with titles that are not present anywhere else, and the content they have claims being the most unique thing you can find over the air.
  • A theme which is not so commonly used by others. Less design with more uniqueness. Clear Menu, each category or tag at menu filled with 5 to 10 articles. Images at home page with each article. Big and easily readable font (Use Google Fonts for customizing your site’s look and feel).
  • Have you setup Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest account for your blog?
  • Is your domain name good enough? Is it branded with some good thing? Catchy eh?

Done with all of this? Now I think if you are getting nominal traffic (How to get traffic?) and you blog is getting indexed quickly(How to index my blog posts quickly?) then it’s the time for you to apply for and Adsense account. Still no guarantees of getting approval, but if you are disapproved don’t worry, you always have more chances to get your first account of Adsense.

Still Thirsty? Geek? Want More?

So, I guess you are still not satisfied with my checklist, there is something inside you that is asking you to read more do more research work, and make this shot a best shot, then Mairaj Peerzada, a young Entrepreneur & blogger, has compiled a list of 70 “Dumbest Blogging Mistakes” you’re likely to Commit. Go read it.

Need to know that? What?

Questions? Yes! Fine, ask theme here below, in comments and you will meet my 8 years experience of blogging, programming and designing in your answers.


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As far as I can remember, I couldn’t find any such policy that’d be saying we’ve to have a blog 6 months older. But I’m not entirely about that, as it’s been more than a year since I read that.

Anyways, listening to those who’re experienced is better than believing on things based on inaccurate speculations.

Short and Simple post but carries all every thing about Google Adsense and it will be reached to savvy to normal users easily.

Totally agree with your advice’s, that’s all happened with me.
For those who are facing problems with adsense.
i will just tell them. to read the first two advice’s that you illustrated in this posts.
One thing more:- i can’t say surely But let me. my posts were violated adsense terms, but the recent posts was unique and Design of blog was also unique. that’s why i got approved. Just knew today because of your posts. because i was trying to find why my Account approved.
Thanks for the posts and sorry for my english.

I remember, it was very easy to get adsense account…4-5 years back… and I earned handsome amount each year but now…its very difficult and I thing at stage…affiliate is the best way to earn money online

my blog was approved just after 2 weeks after the creation of the blog.|
Nice article btw.
Thanks for sharing.

You know I got wasted by adsense. They closed my account for suspicious activity, and I only had 1 click in 30 days or smth… They have a lot of issues with their engine tbh

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