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Who else wants to learn ad blocking in Google Adsense

Ad blocking in Google Adsense So, here it is, recently I joined the Hangout By two Google Adsense people who made my day. It was all about  How to Block certain different kind of ads from showing up on your sites. Google Adsense user can only block 500 ads, how to choose them wisely and […]

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August PR Update : What is PR- Page Rank? How to Get & Check PR?

Freakify got PR4. It is one hell of an achievement. So, most of our blogger friends mailed us how we got this, what should they do to get a good page rank update and a lot of similar questions. In this post we will make you know some very simple steps you should follow and […]

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Custom Themes in Gmail: Put your OWN images as Background in Gmail

Custom Themes in Gmail has been introduced now.This year Gmail layout was redesigned and only thing that it lacked was the ability to have custom themes in it.But now you can easily add up any kind of image as a background to your Gmail account make it more and more personal.I have been waiting for […]

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Google Page Ranks are Updating May 2012

For the time being Google Page Ranks are Updating after three months, right now all we know is that Page Rank Update is in process.Some of the bloggers reported to get increase in their blog's PR and others seemed to be discussing WHY NO CHANGE? So, with this situation, one fact is easy to analyze that Google is […]