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Custom Themes in Gmail: Put your OWN images as Background in Gmail

Custom Themes in Gmail has been introduced now.This year Gmail layout was redesigned and only thing that it lacked was the ability to have custom themes in it.But now you can easily add up any kind of image as a background to your Gmail account make it more and more personal.I have been waiting for this change for a long time.It will be a lot more helpful to us now.

Custom Themes in Gmail My Way

  • I am listing some of the main uses of Custom Themes in Gmail
  • Add your personal Family photos at the background to get a personal feeling
  • For business account Brand your Gmail with your LOGO to get more professional look (of-course never mail any one from wrong account after doing this)
  • Show off to others , who are still at Yahoo and Hotmail (As Gmail is my personal Favorite no offense to anyone)
  • Be geek do geeky backgrounds show off your skills
  • So, you are a graphics designer? Han ? Why don't you go and add some nice retro background to your Gmail now !
  • Webmaster ? Ok go add a section in your blog or make one over gmail backgrounds ! This is the best time to do it and get ranked highest.

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12 replies on “Custom Themes in Gmail: Put your OWN images as Background in Gmail”

Thanks Ahmad Awais for sharing such a nice post. I guess this feature of Gmail will make it more user friendly and I am looking forward to it.

Hey AhmadEwais

Nice Blog .. will look forword in your blog for more intresting Things to play with on NET…

Hi Ahmad, I had no idea they introduced custom themes to Gmail. I’m glad I saw your post over on Facebook. It’s really easy to upload the theme. Now I can go play. Thanks!

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