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30 WordPress Unique Smashing Sites of October

WordPress is one of the most common blogging platform, almost 76% of all the blogs worldwide are powered by WordPress. Some of the creative minds put a lot of effort in customizing WordPress sites, to make them look unique, creative and smashing. These kick-ass designs can be used to inspire others. You can take ideas from them, and can introduce them in some new and creative way to make a good thing out of it.

Below you can find a good deal of such sites. Use them, not just to copy them but to get inspiration from them.

WordPress Unique Smashing Sites of October

30 WordPress Unique Smashing Sites of October


Breakthrough Design Group


Milwaukee Police News

Data Mojo



Hey Indy

Larissa Meek

Gisele Jaquenod

Allgood Provisions

David Torondel

Alissa Neil PR

Outside The Wire

Berkshire Soccer Academy

Citrus 7

Michael Wong

Tech Two

Creative Spark Design

Dr Ian Webster


Xpert Design



Team Type 1

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