25 Leather Texture Found Best in 2012

Been busy at the stage of designing high quality leather texture can be boring if you don’t get the chance to read this post. You can download pre-made leather textures that were found best n 2012. I would recommend you should use them in you further projects. Some of them are really great and make your picture’s backgrounds look awesome. Do try some of them and get back to us with your thoughts.

Using these you can make your site’s footer look awesome. They go really well with emboss effect and pinch line affect. Any other ideas you have about these ? Do share them with us. Let us know which one of the below textures you like the most. Where you used it and how you find it converting things to more and better.

Black leather texture

Fake Leather Texture

Embossed Leather Texture in Beige

Leather Book Cover: University of Mich

Green Crocodile Skin

Black Leather Jacket Texture

Free Black as Midnight Leather Texture

Reddish Leather Texture

Flat Leather in Beige

Cobra Skin

Leather Texture


Your turn to Roll in

  • Any questions about these?
  • Which one attracted you more than others.
  • Which of them you downloaded?

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