JQuery Sliders to Spice up your Blog Right Away!

Sliders have always been at the top of attraction grabber elements one should have in his blog/site. Do you know it’s not a big deal to make or add a slider to your site. There are a lot of FREE Sliders available in the online market, you can use them easily. Each developer narrates the way how to use his slider. Seriously not a big deal. It is all about your adoptive attitude.

In this post you will find a lot of FREE slider scripts + some tutorials about making such great sliders on your own. I would suggest use the one which have less Js content in them. Don’t make your sites so badly fancy, that it starts sucking in the case of Page Load time. Yes, adding a slider slows down you page. Your page speed is decreased. But in most of cases it is worthy enough to include them. For those who really love to have sliders on there blogs/sites this post is going to be a bookmark worthy post. Important for website software you need.

JQuery Sliders to Spice up your Blog


SlideDeck jQuery plugin


SlideDeck Lite can improve your site’s performance.

Automatic Image Slider w/ CSS & jQuery

This is an HTML based slider which can have a good SEO affect on your site.


Basic level slider, easy to use and looks simple but awesome.

Move Elements with Style

Roundabout is a jQuery plugin which converts HTML structure to a round about motion thing that looks awesome.

Nivo – A new jQuery image slider

Most known, clean, sleek and great Nivo Slider. Using it in your minimal designs is preferred

Moving Boxes jQuery slider


The zoom and pan, with buttons add a lot more to look and feel of this slider.


Design An Elegant Featured Slider for WordPress

Design An Elegant Featured Content Slider for WordPress

 jQuery Slider plugin (Safari style)

jQuery Slider plugin (Safari style)

 Accessible News Slider

Accessible News Slider

 Animated JavaScript Accordion V2

Animated JavaScript Accordion V2

 jQuery UI 1.7 Slider 

jQuery UI 1.7 Slider from a Select Element

 Easy Slider 1.7 – Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider

Easy Slider 1.7 - Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider




I guess enough?

I hope so this much sliders are too many sliders :P So, your thirst must be fed. Let us know

  1. Which one you liked and used.
  2. Why you liked that particular one.


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