3 TIPS about adding Adsense ads in your Blog

So you have got a blog with adsense in it? Today I will share 3 tips shared by Adsense officials that will help you in understanding where to add the adsense ads, How many you should ad and ad sizes. Let’s get them bundled below

  1. Consider Your Content When Adding New Units
  2. Optimization Tip: Test ad sizes and placements on your site
  3. Optimization Tip: Add up to 3 content ad units to your page


 Consider Your Content When Adding New Units

You have got adsense and you are going to monetize your blog ; then the best and simple guide on where to add your adsense ads is inside the video below. What I usually tell bloggers is to care about your content. Don’t be a cheap seller. Think of yourself as a shopkeeper and your blog as your shop. Would you like to take money from your customers if they don’t know what they are buying ? Would you like someone to charge you by an accidental click? The ans is a big NO (well I know its not that big :P). So, what you should do? You should follow the trends of gigantic blogs. Sell things by showing off the features they have in them. tell your customer yes this is the product you  will get. Speak out yes this is the ad, but I think it will be useful for you. Try it.

Optimization Tip: Test ad sizes and placements on your site

There a lot of text ad sizes available in Adsense administration panel you can go choose from them. But the question arises when you think about which size will suit your blog better which will convert better and which will get you potential clicks. Here in the video below you will find people telling you which ad size worked better for them listen to there revenue increments. Get inspired make your decisions count.

Optimization Tip: Add up to 3 content ad units to your page

Yes, its a strange thing that you will hear a lot of bloggers telling saying and expressing in different manner that you should use only two content ad units. Well this doesn’t seem to be a real deal with me and so many other bloggers. You doubt my words? Yea nay? find this in the video below ..


Your Turn

  1. Do you wana tell us which ad size is working good for you?
  2. What is your opinion about using two or three content ad units?


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15 replies on “3 TIPS about adding Adsense ads in your Blog”

Hi, Ahmad you are right on how to use exactly Adsense program.

Because most of bloggers make lots of mistakes on how they should use Adsense.

As you share the third one tip to bloggers, that bloggers must use 2 to 3 ad units on each page, otherwise on using more than 3 ad units on each page no doubt the income will increase more and more but you might be caught by Google. There may be following reasons will appear:

1. Your site is giving disadvantage Google Advertisers.
2. Against Google Adsense’s policy.
3. Finally, your Adsense has been disapproved.

Nice video. I have read a bunch about this but I guess that I haven’t picked up the info that way. I just haven’t been able to make Adsense work for me yet.

Hi Ahmad, thanks for posting, really, this adsense ads has been confusing me as I don’t really understand how many ads blocks to place on my pages.
As a matter of fact I only have 3 ads on each page, but from your post, I understands I can place upto 8 adsense blocks on a single page of my site, that is: 3 image or text/image ads, 3 text only ads and 2 search boxes. Is that what you mean?
(is ad content media, image or vedio?)


I guess you don’t have ever used an adsense account otherwise you must knew the fact that even if you include more than 3 content ad units, only three of them works :)
Well, Google Allows you to use 3 Content Ad units, 3 Text ad units and 2 Search Boxes on one page. This is what I told above.
I don’t really know from where did you get this idea I am recommending more units to be added :)

I am still confused a bit as I don’t know the difference between content units and link units.

Please what is adsense content units and adsense link units?


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