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Google Doodle for Pakistan

Second Google Doodle for Pakistan ; 65th Independence Day is really a lovely one. Happy Independence to All our Pakistani brothers and sisters. Last year it was the first time ever Google cam with a Doodle for Pakistan, this year we have another one, a really unique one. It depicts the Pakistani Culture of handicrafts & truck designs. Google has again won the Pakistanis’ hearts  by showing its love towards their  65th Independence Day.

Google Doodle for Pakistan


Google Doodle for Pakistan

So how do the Google’s Doodle looks like this time? Here below you can see the both of the doodles.


First Google Doodle for Pakistan

First Google doodle was depicting the colors pf Pakistani flag and Menar-e-Pakistan was inside it

Google Doodle for Pakistan

Second Google Doodle for Pakistan

Already in love with the present Google Doodle for Pakistani users it has. Quite a cultural look.



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I know you all want more than just a this, so go here and you will find a lot of Google Doodles. Particularly those which were made this year. Hey, don’t forget to comment eh!


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Happy Independence to all and I congratulate you for this awesome post. I found this Doodle really interesting and attracting which is depicting Pakistani culture to its fullest. May God bless our homeland forever. (Amen)

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