Recently I was by a set of people that Google’s circle me Badge was not showing up. I read the API and it read different. Google Updated it on 10th of August (Gradual Update). So, after working two hours I figured out some solution and has added an asynchronous JavaScript to improve the page load time. I hope so the plugin will work fine now.


Ver 1.8.0

Ver = 1.8.0 =

*Issue with Google Plus Circle resolved (Google API Updated)
*Asynchronous Loading (To increase Page Speed)
*Leave IDs Blank to Remove them.
*Relation Publisher Updated
*Google Add to circle Options Added.

What about Version 2.0?

Yes I am working over it. WP Mashsocial will meet a major upgrade. A pro version is about to be launched. Two new FREE widgets for WordPress by me are just ready. Its strange that so many people are enjoying my plugin and none has ever donated for it.


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Donate WP Mashsocial Widget.By donating you show our love for this plugin. You can keep my coding wheel working :) My blog hosting costs me a lot. Secondly I drink a lot of coffee while coding :)




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