wordpress 3.4 new features

Jun 13, 2012


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  • Raheel Mushtaq

    nice changes what i like the most is Live theme preview which gives user benefit of viewing it before apply so that is a major update for it :)

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Yes, it is a great feature indeed.By the way have a look at our giveaway. Link is below.

    • Joel

      I’m loving the live preview as well, sure beats making changes and then loading up your page to find it doesn’t look as you expected and having to change back! Twitter embeds are also a pretty awesome feature and while I don’t use them at the moment it’s definitely something I am planning to make use of down the track.

      • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

        Its good know about your motives :)

  • http://www.makemenoise.com Avinash King Avinash

    Thank you Ahmad for giving information regarding new wordpress 3.4 update.

    I have already updated it and got the new and professional changes in it, the most important feature i liked- it provides SEO checker while posting articles and it helped me a lot and also live theme preview is not bad.

    I am happy to see Comment Luv on your site…

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Its good to see that the info I posted help you !
      Yes! Testing commentluv for sometime !
      Hey Join the giveaway

  • http://www.seoallrounder.com/ saad naeem @ seoallrounder

    not killer functions but i like the twitter embeding in it

  • http://www.mitprof.com John Ernest

    Live theme previous is the best thing that WordPress 3.4 offers. It will surely be great to be able to see how your website would look with themes before buying them. That way you will be able to make better choices.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      You are right !