If you haven't actually noted it up-till  now , then I would be very pleased to let you know that WordPress 3.4 is live now.You gotta update it right now.It is one of the massive updates but I found it very nice and easy.This update will also update your WordPress Database , don't worry you can still take a database back-up to ensure safety.

How To Update WordPress 3.4

  • Simply got to Your Admin Panel > Dashboard > Update > Update Now 
  • Then allow it to update your database.

What's NEW in WordPress 3.4

WordPress 3.4 is one of the major updates , it was planned to be launched in April but some tracks took long to get fixed.Now it is here and live for all of you to enjoy the new experience.Let me tell you about the latest and greatest features that were added to WordPress 3.4


Live Theme Previews





Now you can Live Themes

Before activating any new theme you have now you can customize its looks on your own and can watch it live how it looks like.

Note: Only for installed themes

Current Theme Customization

You can also customize your live theme without any hesitation this means this NEW feature of live theme editing removes all the blocking you ever had in your way to customize your WP Theme.

Custom Headers

A recommended theme's header size will be shown now, when you will try to add a header in your themes.

Note:It requires theme support.








Choose from Media Library

If you were bored of adding same header again and again to your WordPress blog if you changed your theme on the go, then 3.4 WP solved this issue now , you can choose your header from Media Library.





Twitter Embeds





Share Tweets Links

Just paste a tweet URL and WordPress will allow your readers to reply it, retweet it, and favorite it without leaving your blog.

 For more, see the Codex article on Embeds.

Better Captions





Now the image captions are way better than ever, this feature has resolved a lot of issues that even I had with WP.Now you can add HTML in the Image Captions like the Source link.



More Changes

  • Faster WP_Query
  • Faster Translations
  • Themes API
  • Custom Header and Background API
  • External Libraries