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Facebook Official WordPress Plugin

Facebook Official WordPress Plugin has been released you can use it to get a lot of advantgaes like tagging your friends in the posts or may be tagging some pages from facebook.The good thing is its stable version 1.0 has been released so far to get more than 10K jobs in India site can use it.

Feature of Facebook WordPress Plugin


Page and Post Features

Just simple checkboxes will enable you to do following

  • Post to an Author's Facebook Timeline.
  • Mention your friends and Facebook Pages.
  • Post all new stuff/posts to particular Facebook Page.
  • Like, send, and subscribe buttons can be used easily.
  • SEO supported FB Comments.
  • Use open graph.
  • Recommendations bar,will show what your users are reading.


Just simple checkboxes will enable you to do following

  • Activity Feed Box will depict the activity of your friends in relation to your blog.
  • Recommendations Box. will show what your users are reading.
  • Like, send, and subscribe buttons are highly customizable.

Facebook Insights integration can be used easily to know your stats. This plugin is also internationalization and mobile supported.



Facebook settings screen.


Boxes to mention Facebook friends and pages in a WordPress Post or Page.


Set the status update that will be published to Facebook, along with the WordPress Page or Post.


The resulting Post on Celebuzz.


The Post is published to the author's (Andy Scott) Timeline.


The Post is published on Duets Facebook Timeline, since it was mentioned in the Post.


The Post is published to the Celebuzz Facebook Page.


Widgets are also available.

Download =>


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This is great because it not only saves time but makes sure you do not miss a step in covering all the bases with Facebook. I always say:I need all the help I can get! Jim Nighswonger

Jim Interesting to say the least. I haven’t tried it yet. But I expected a little bit more from FB (i.e Silent Publishing etc). Its not that hard to build it into WP… but they don’t want to give that option to everyone.

The life of WordPress is the plug-ins that you can install on your website. Notice how slowly everything is getting integrated to or with social media sites? This is because of the latest updates that Google has launched wherein social media site factors will also be taken as basis for the SERP rankings.

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