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3 TIPS for Pinterest You must know:So Are You (P)interested?

Yes I have been on Pinterest Since 5th Jan this year.I learnt a great 5 TIPS for Pinterest that I think you must know.I will start from the beginning and will take you through these set of tips.Someone of you might say , PINTEREST is cool , its so simple why I need to learn tips? Then I must say there is no end to thinking and using stuff in a creative way.I have some own way to think I have had been taking a great advantage from Pinterest since the day it started, I thought i must share it with my readers as I always do.So what you are going to read below are some 5 creative tips for using Pinterest.By the way you can follow me at pinterest ( and can ask for invitation in comments if you are not already registered.

Price Tag

This one is a little more (p) interesting for me , and I think a very less quantity of people know about this.Its very simple , if you add $ sign in your description for the pin eg something like "Dress for only $50" PINTEREST  will automatically add a price tag ribbon to your pin as you see in the image below


pinterest price tag

Getting Creative Ideas

Getting creative ideas from pinterest is a common thing for me , I just search for the thing and I start getting very nice images that inspire me a some days ago I was searching for nice wedding stage ideas and other day I was searching for ideas for the party I am gona throw very soon.

Search terms like "Party Dress" etc Try it.


Yes , I get  lot of emails through pinterest buh I like to have them but some people don't.Solog in to pinterest account goto >>Settings >> “Change Email Settings.” & then choose the best fit options.You won't be getting spammed again.I use Gmail , and I have my priority box options set , they check the mails in a very good manner.I don't get all the junk infront of me like in other Hotmail & Yahoo etc

Anything Left ?



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35 replies on “3 TIPS for Pinterest You must know:So Are You (P)interested?”

I must say that pinterest is an awesome and easy to use place for designers and of course, everyone… The next thing that pinterest has to do (imo) is to develope a market place where people can sell their designs… it’ll be a hit.. :)

I’m also using Pinterest since last 3 months and I’m happy with it. Another interesting thing on Pinterest is that we can search for any topic and find boards and peoples to follow in our favorite topic, like If I’m interested in skateboarding that I can search for awesome PIN BOARDS for skateboarding. That is a great feature of Pinterest which I like most.

Your idea is Jango.If you suggest it to them it can be a good thing.
Let’s say it can be more easy for them to implement if they partner with eBay or Amazon in this case.
They have tons of millions of traffic which can be converted into a great online market broke through.

Ehsan you said it right.I have been using Google images for research work that I do to maintain some creativity in each of my NEW project , but now I sometimes find more good stuff at Pinterest !

Hello Ahmad,
You have mentioned some good tips. Sometimes getting these mails be may disturbing. Thank you for the list. Looking forward to see many more posts in the future.

Nah mahn! it’ll split up their earning, good thing is if they implement a totally standalone system.. You can find one at marketplace…

I love Pinterest I was like where have you been my whole life. Thanks for sharing some great ideas… You gave me some good ideas to think over.

Ahmad, Thanks for this great Pinterest post. I like Pinterest also, but when I requested an invitation to join, I got a broken link. Later submissions have been ignored.

BTW, Ahmed, why are all your comments from men?????? I get all your posts on my WordPress blog dashboard. Lots of good info.
Thanks! Paula Randolph

Working out with a standalone solution is not an easy to go thing.
DO you remember I posted the infographics about pinterest.Their company contained only 16 employs in two months of their highly viral approach?
How can a team of 16 employees deal with such a big thing?
It would be a better thing to get Amazon and eBay API involved till they are not able to put this into their own foundations , after getting an expansion in team workers.

Saad Naeem I would like to know more about your thoughts.Your comment reflects something big, but it was unable to get some resonance created with my brain.

Many more are coming !
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Thanks, I guess you learnt good part of my creative thinking.I hope you will be moulding it in a much more useful form in near future.
How about subscribing ?
You will get the latest NEWS of giveaways I am going to announce very soon.
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I know its not easy, and they might have added some employees, also mehnat se jo phal milta hai, wo meetha bahut hota hai.. lol
I just said that it is useless for them to share revenue while they have golden chance to make money

Paula can’t say about your comment much , tagging an article below you might read it :)
Btw You can ask me for the invitation if you want?
I have sent an invite to your email adress you commented with.
Your blog’s colors are cool :)
I hope you will keep visiting.

i have worked a bit on pinterest but only 30 followers but one of my friend got 1500 which i think is a lot..!! :/ don’t know how he did that

Is it just me or is your comment system a little blurry? Anyways Pinterest is also really helpful when it comes to content curation. No you don’t have to search for pieces or phrases at Pinterest. It only has pictures in it, and you can use a lot of these pictures to get a whole new idea no one has ever thought of. It will also be a great source for infographics. Thanks for sharing!

i’ve 23 followers and i use to ping images from my blog posts but i don’t think i am getting any traffic from pinterest :(

Pinterest is another great tool to use, glad I keep getting more and more advice on how to optimize the use of it. I can honestly see it being as big a help as facebook or twitter is now.

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