Feb 16, 2013

Maedah Batool

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  • Aqib Shahzad

    Hope i will win this !!! i need premium themes
    Also the giveaway is good

  • Zeshan

    Great giveaway, waiting for winning it :)


  • Ajay Kumar

    Hi Sofia,
    First of all thank you for this fabulous give away. Now this is really difficult to choose one among these. These all themes seems pretty wonderful.
    But i have no option to choose other than Euphoria magazine theme as my blog is a magazine based. So it will suit me best.
    Thanks again. Hoping to win this one. :)

  • Muhammad Talha

    All the themes was exceptionally amazing but the one i like most is IMPRESSIONIST as its name tells that this themes have very professional looks and i found this very responsive as well.

  • Syed Danial

    completed all entries :) i liked the impressionist theme if i won i will get it :)

  • Sai Kumar

    Hey Great Giveaway…!! Fingers Crossed…I liked Briefcase Pro the most from the above 3 Themes. Thanks for the great Giveaway!!!

  • Raheem Khan

    I want to win this theme because i want to get rid of the old design. I liked the Euphoria theme. It will suit my blog too.
    Hope I win and nice giveaway :)

  • Muhammad Usman

    So guys WordPress is alpha and WordPress is omega, and I’m going to tell you that for nice people EUPHORIA MAGAZINE is a nice template. How come? Have a look you will understand if you are nice.

  • Gautam Doddamani

    good to see a giveaway ahmad…some really nyc rockable themes displayed here :D

  • Michael

    Oh my god ! I personally love the Euphoria theme, perfect for my blog which is a magazine-type blog. Please let me have it. :)

  • Michael

    though its not half bad if i won the other templates. lol Am i sounding too greedy? Again thank you and I will be in deep gratitude to you if you just let me win the Euphoria theme.

  • hamayon

    Nice giveaway, this time you are using punch tab that is not showing button at “become a fan”, by the way Briefcase pro is nice theme.

  • james

    Excellent giveaway. I have just entered in my first giveaway and i like impressionist theme and i would love to use this theme on my blogs.
    I hope i could win it. :)
    Thank you

  • Sohil R. Memon

    Hello, Ahmad, First of all Happy Birthday :)
    And thanks for this great giveaway :D

    I like Europhia Theme it awesome and it is most suitable theme from all of the three. Hope for winning…

  • Ebuka James

    I just hope to win this giveaway. i really love rockable themes cos i’ve some cool blogs using it…

  • akansha

    greetings admin,
    I am moved by your blogging skills and find your posts attractive.
    I am a new blogger and would like to learn from you.

  • Kristi

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! what a great gift for someone to win!

  • idreesfarooq

    Thanks for the giveaway. Everything is done :) Best of luck for me :D

  • Shathyan Raja

    Wow.. Nice Giveaway. Guess I have missed it from the starting. Only in the last day I found out and participated.

    My favourite theme is Impressiontist, which will be unique in its design by attracting people by its look.

    I want to win for my new blog which I wanted to start with a bang in March..

    Thanks for tis Giveaway. All the best to all participants :)

  • markincense

    This is cool as it is call a deal with something great i love this and should have know this before but anyway its not last one I will be a part soon.

  • karshimkanwar

    Well, looks like I have missed my lucky number just by 1. Anyways I am 20th person to comment here! Hope I win!