Sooner than later all the wordpress themes will be in need of conversion to HTML5.So, why don’t you take care of it right now , before it is too late.Today i will be giving you about 15 Free HTML5 themes for wordpress.Hope so you all will like it.

Free HTML5 Themes 2012


Yoko is a

  • modern
  • flexible
  • responsive layout based on CSS3 media queries
  • optimized for big desktop screens, tablets and small smartphone screens.

204 image

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Free WordPress retro type theme.

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A HTML5 Theme

A good minimal design.

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Grey is simple and generic theme.

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Temple Gate

Japanese styled theme.

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TwentyTen Five

It was built on Smashing mag and is available for free.

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A nice theme for a technology blog.

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Twilight Theme

If you like image sliders go for this theme.

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Are you a photographer? If so this is the right theme for you to use.HTML5 & CSS3.

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Free HTML5 Starter Themes & Frameworks

Constellation Theme

The Constellation theme is

  • up-to-date HTML5 code
  • fantastic for SEO
  • a flexible grid system theme.

88 image

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Handcrafted WP

The theme is based on Ian Stewart’s Toolbox Starter theme and Paul Irish & Divya Manian’s HTML5 Boilerplate .

Not officially a framework but still a good choice to start your custom work on it.

98 image

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Roots is

  • Based on HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Blueprint CSS (or
  • Starkers that will allow to make brochure bogs.

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PressWork is

  • open-source theme framework built for WordPress 3.2 using HTML5 and CSS3
  • I personally recommend this one.
  • It is soo good for SEO.

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A great theming framework for Devlopers and Designers.

126 image

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A minimal theme framework.

135 image

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Bones good for doing custom freelancing , for your clients.

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HTML5 WordPress Shell

A great way to start from scratch.

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HTML5 Reset

Nicely done HTML5 theme framework.

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Pagelines Platform

Platform is faster & easier than ever before Framewok :).

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Some More

Toolbox – An HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme

blank wp 03 image

Toolbox, developed by Automattic, is not as feature rich as any of the other blank/bare-bones themes in this article.
Toolbox →View Demo →

H5 WordPress Theme

blank wp 06 image

A beautifull HTML5 Theme

H5 WordPress Theme →

Brave New World WordPress theme

Brave New World is free nice theme with micrformats.
Brave New World WordPress theme →

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