WP Mashsocial Widget Ver 1.7.0 Minor Update


[Updated Ver 1.6.0 ]WordPress WP Mashsocial Widget By Ahmad Awais

WordPress WP Mashsocial Widget By Ahmad Awais is abeautiful widget inspired by Mashable to be used in sidebar, it allows you to add your G+ , Twitter , Facebook ,Pinterest and Feeds Subscription in it .


Ver = 1.7.0 = 

  • Leave IDs Blank to Remove them.
  • Php errors removed. unset call are commented.
  • Linked in title on pinterest  link is corrected
  • Author rel issue removed.
  • Author Credits Check box is added.
  • Google Add to circle Options Added.
  • UI Modified a lot.
  • Pinterest Profile Link and Icon Added 
  • Google Add to circle Options Added.


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By Freakify Editorial

The post was written by the Freakify Editorial Team. used to be managed by Awais, Maedah and their team before its acquisition.

23 replies on “WP Mashsocial Widget Ver 1.7.0 Minor Update”

Thanks for your work Ahmad. The same problems I mentioned previously remain after this update. The RSS Feed is not centered (in fact it’s further to the left. My email subscribe box is no longer centered (now left hand aligned–it was centered on the last version). Also how do I add a space AFTER the widget to space it more out between this and my next widget?

Make the length of subscription box 90px inyour admin area and also reduce the total width of widget. Your side bar is smaller than standard 300px sidebars.

The plugin is awesome, will donate once we get funded :) love it. as of today the 13th of July the plugin isnt showing google plus any more so only the bottom half of plugin works, (facebook twitter etc) not sure whats wrong.

This is the best social plugin I have used. Loving the upgrades features just wish I could get invited to pinterest I can complete the toolbar haha.

Nice Work Matey.

Hi, this is really an awesome plugin. I have installed it in my blog, but i am facing a strange problem. If I try to add email for subscription it immediately redirects to Facebook page as if it is hyper-linked to facebook page. This only happens in homepage not in posts or pages. Can you please check it.

this is plugin is awesome ! now my blog space is save more. i remove the facebook box, email , Google + . thanks for the creating this plugins. i will donate for this plugin . but not now my earning is not good this time. Am new in blogging. can you recommended plugin’s for my blog. thanks again .

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