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Usain Bolt Wins 100m 200m Olympics Races Gold Medals

How can a man be so fast? I can hold myself :) You must watch these two videos below. What an inspiration! A man winning his titles for more than two times. I don’t have many comments for him, I will just say YOU ROCK. What are your views about this off-topic discussion I just started here :)

Usain Bolt 100m world record: 9.58!!!

Behind Superman you can see Bolt :P

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16 replies on “Usain Bolt Wins 100m 200m Olympics Races Gold Medals”

After Seeing These Videos I get really pumped up and feel like running of somewhere :P they just really question our physical exercise routine ;)

he is true player as he is winning gold medals for hi country from too many last year and i am sure that he will be continuing this further also…

I was on NFL website and apparently players and media are making stories about how Bolt wouldnt be great in the league and how runners in the league could beat Bolt. lol they are silly..Bolt is very fast. He is not the fastest runner in the world for no reason. He races again tonight! last day of the Olympics :D i am looking forward to watching him

Indeed he is a true star and what an inspiration for all. He is an exemplary example of hard work, dedication for his work and awesome stamina which he bears. I’ve been regularly following the London Olympics 2012 and this man has really nailed it.

No doubts. Usain Bolt is a legend. I recall the day that he got divorced from his wife to completely dedicate to training.
What a stragetic move!

Hi Ahmed,
I would like to appreciate your efforts first, for creating this post. I have followed London Olympics on TV till it ended in a glitterati. Usain Bolt is a wonder of God’s creation. He has worked hard to be there and for what he is today. He is amazing and an inspiration for all aspiring sprinters across the world.

Thanks a lot for this post,
Sanjib Saha

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