Solution to Oversleep!

Most of you know, that sleeping a lot is our habit. By our I meant the students, who keep studying all the day long for the exam next day, and try to wake them up next morning after sleeping for one or two hours, with lame alarm clocks. Wait Lame? How? You might ask! Lame is the snooze button actually. Why? Because it makes us keep sleeping until we find out that its late now. If there was no snooze button ever, then everyone should knew the fact that when an alarm bell rings, its now or never condition. Either you can dismiss the alarm or you can make yourself a good breakfast, by waking up early.

It also negates the fact of early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Snooze button, so much appreciated by our younger generations in the day time, when it helps them in having a little more sleep. A nap that ends a bit more longer. Sometimes longer enough to make one loose the timing, the bus, or even the whole paper.

So here it is

Solutions to oversleep


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