Giveaway #4: All Premium Plugins of MaxBlogPress worth $150

I have been planning for a massive giveaway before July ends, but was a bit late due to several projects, and redesign of Freakify which is still in beta stage but almost 99% done. So today I announce a giveaway of three plugins by the team of Maxblogpress. If you are a regular visitor you may know the simple rules, otherwise I am about to repeat them. It will be consisting on some real simple step. You will follow us on Twitter & Facebook , after sharing & tweeting this giveaway you will be commenting here( Try to avoid single line comments, and do write 2 or more lines.)

Maxblogpress Plugins Giveaway


So, what is in the giveaway ? There are three plugins in this giveaway. All of them have been doing real great these days. Let me list them all here.

  • MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back
  • MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
  • MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet

The total cost of these licenses is more than $150. So, it would be a nice chance for you to win them for free. Three winners three plugins. You can find the details of these plugins below, whereas in the end of the post you will find how to participate in this giveaway.


MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back

Bring my visitors back

Let me call it a revolutionary plugin. This plugin can bring your blog subscribers back to your site. Yes you read it right, it makes your feeds stand out from others. Your feeds are noticed more in the emails of your reader. Let me tell you my secret. I m subscribed to more than 100 blogs and I get about 100 Feedburner’s email daily. When I browse them, I have to read the titles of the post if I found them useful I click it otherwise they are ignored.

This is what all of us do with our emails. This means even with 1000 subscribers you hardly get 50 to 100 visitors back daily. But with this Bring My visitors Back plugin you can score more visitors’ visits. One may ask here, HOW? Let us find some useful features this plugin has got.

Related Content

It sends related articles with the usual feeds which make your feeds look different, in turn users are exposed to more content of your blog in their emails and finally it increases the engagement on you site, which can decrease the bounce rate. In short this feature gets you more visitors than ever. I assure you it works as fine as I stated here. You can easily set this option through settings in admin panel.

Review- MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back

Social Sharing Icons Display

It allows you to show social sharing icons in your feeds which not only make your feeds colorful but also increase your social sharing. In-fact your feed subscribers make you earn more subscribers and also visits.

Review- MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back

Comments inside your feeds

Bring My Visitors Back plugin allows you to add number of comments + one latest comment in your feeds, making your feeds stand out of the crowd. Sometimes a loyal visitor comment can turn your feed reader into a potential customer.

Review- MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back

Finally Custom header & Footer

Yes you can put a custom header and custom footer in your feeds & make it look more natural, more good just like premium services Newsletters eg Mailchimp & Aweber etc This for sure increases your feeds views. If you have ads in your feeds you earn more. You get more visitors back on your blog you make them addicted to your blog by sending them nice and easy to navigate mails.

Review- MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back


More in the video

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

This one is my favorite plugins. I like the way it is coded. It makes you earn much more than ever through you affiliate links. You have an eay to manage settings page where you can get your affiliate links customized to give them a better look. On the other hand this plugin provides you an opportunity to cloak your links. Automatically adding your affiliate links on the keywords all around your blog.

Freakin’ Awesome Features

  1. Easy to manage Affiliate Link – Give your affiliates a remember able name
  2. Flexible Link Management – It accepts all kinds of link out there for affiliate marketing
  3. Create Professional Redirect Links – If you create a nice set of professional redirect links, people think of you as a pro-blogger e.g. etc
  4. Manage Links by Groups – If you have a lot of affiliate links then you can group them in categories eg Hosting, Themes, Plugins group for respective affiliate links
  5. Prevent “Affiliate Theft” – Cloak you affiliate links in your content so that no one can take more advantage from your content then you could
  6. Insert Affiliate Links Directly – Add your affiliate links in the post editor of your WordPress blog to make things easier
  7. Transform Keywords to Links – You can automate your keywords to turn into affiliate links process. Whereas the plus point is, Ninja Affiliates also can restrict the max amount of keywords to turn into links to save your blog from looking like a spam blog
  8. Advanced Display Status – Ninja Affiliate allows you to display whatever you want to show in your web browser’s status bar
  9. Use “No-Follow” Links – Well this is one hell of a good job this plugin is capable of, which is to turn your affiliate links into nofollow links

I guess these are much more than one can expect, there are other features for them you need to win this plugin :) I sound strange here don’t I. Well no more boring text just watch this video and get the complete idea.


MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet


Another great invention of Maxblogpress team The Subscribers Magnet Plugin. Allowing you to get more subscribers from more plaves through more ways. Its like showing your readers nicely made optins, showing the optins in different places e.g. in comments, in pop ups etc.

Creative Features:

  1. Show nicely made beautiful optins inside your blog posts
  2. Show optins in sidebars to grab more attention of your visitors
  3. Make it easire for your users to subscribe through comments
  4. A nice popin can get your subscribers increased by 30%
  5. Show optin bar in footer without irritating your users at all
  6. Surprise your visitors by auto-magically filling the optins with their Names and Email IDs
  7. Embed the optin form inside nice comments from your visitors to grab more and more attention
  8. Use secret subscription option and make each and every comment making user of your blog your subscriber

This is not all, there are their features left behind you can browse them by finding them inside the plugins when you win.

What’s the catch?  Join it Now

One may ask why these three plugins? To answer such a question let me tell you all I am trying to do is to help out my visitors who come to learn about blogging, who have zeal & zest to do things in a better ways than others to make more and more money through their blogs, to engage their users and turn them into subscribers. I can’t wait to announce the winners! Just do all of the steps below ad increasing your chances by sharing and tweeting this giveaway on daily basis. More points more chances to get selected through script.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update :Winners will be announced soon stay tuned.

By Freakify Editorial

The post was written by the Freakify Editorial Team. used to be managed by Awais, Maedah and their team before its acquisition.

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Maxblogpress has produced some amazing plugins and specially the ninja affialiates, but its expensive, so here i got the chance to win this plugin for free. Btw new design in good, but i don’t like this logo of freakify, old logo was great and you should add Digg and LinkedIn share buttons on toolbar, digg and linkedIn are good source of traffic.

Wow First of All Superb Desg. Ahamad. You did superb Work.
And Nice Giveaway too. I have followed all steps of Rafflecopter.
Hope i will win :)

I A̅m planning to suggest my friends on facebook and twitter to these giveaway as this will boost my winnings but want to ask if there is a script which if you share the giveaway link with my friends on facebook and twitter, the rafflecopter bot will be counting on it as it will boost my winnings

Hey Awais, first of all congrats for the new design of your blog. It is looking adorable now. I really like it.

This is really nice giveaway, I’m the first and hope to win it.

Hey Ahmad Bro,

First, let me thank you for such awesome redesign of Freakify, All things are done very well. The theme looks Amazing, you’re really a Good Developer..

The giveaways, are just always Great for me.. Love them, and would hope that I’ll be the winner. But, I’d love to win the Subscriber’s Magnet Plugin.. As, I’ve the others already, so requesting you to let me win the plugin I need and love.. Thanks for the giveaway, that’s what really I need these days the most.

Especially the time is AWESOME…! Love it the most, as the giveaways are always must be short time period, not like 30 days (bullshit giveaway).. Thanks buddy! ;-)

As always I am in again.. I have listened of Maxblogpress ninja it is a very helpful plugin. So participating specially for that plugin.. and new design is good specially the sticky sharing buttons and bro previous freakify logo was much better than this one. and bro

Thanks for liking the layout :) and your kind words.
I think so this time two of our old giveaway winners will try their best to win this one. They are sharing the post badly to make it viral through their referrance in turn getting more an more points scored at the backend. I hope so keep up the track.

Finally, i am in…First of all, i’d like to say thanks for organizing the contest, and the giveaway products are really attractive that attracted biggies like Amit Shaw & Ammar Ali.

One week ago, i got proposal from MAXBLOGPRESS to become its affiliates also i got demo version to get experience of the plugins that converts your keywords which you used in your content to affiliates link.
I heard lot about the NINJA plugin.

At the end, i’d say- you are superb & smart developer and you are really helping us by introducing your amazing design.

Your Mashable Clone that is WP MashSocial is really working well on my site.

You are rocking!!! :)

I am happily participating in the contest….

Thank You So much Ahmad Awais :)

Best Regards !!!

~Avinash King Avinash

Good to see you here finally.
You are most welcomed about the kind words you said :)
You seemed to be making a lot of noise on your blog since last three months :)
I hope and wish you best of luck.

All entries completed successfully! FeedBurner and Mailchimp ….Both confirmed! Thanks for the giveaway!

BTW, I’m giving away 5 Blog Engage accounts on my blog! Check it out and win your account! Cheers

Awesome information thanks for sharing this plugin very nice information in this post :)

Awesome giveaway Ahmed.
I am new to WordPress as I just migrated from Blogger to WordPress and i need some plugins to make my blog a better one.
I would love to win this giveaway.
Thanks for the giveaway :)

I am in,
Hey awais thanks for organizing such competition. Your Blog design is awesome. I learn a lot of things from your blog . Finally I heard a good new.
Hope this is Good for me and good luck to all other participators.

Regards:Hassan Murtaza

It feels a lot  more good when your good work and creatuve juices are appreciated by someone :)
Thanks :)

Most of the people haven’t seen the 404 page yet I can bet on this :P

How to increase points? Yesterday i got 55 points, in morning i got 20 points by sharing to FB and Twitter and now i’ve shared again at Twitter and FB but my maximum points are 80 at the moment. Is it stuck at 80 points? Can’t figure out how to move furthur :s

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