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Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One VS iPhone 5 : A Comparison

iPhone 5

iPhone 5, choice of the conscious, the attentive, the vigilant, the cream, the aware ones. A phone, that is a perfect blend of the intelligent features with an elegant look.



HTC One, the biggest hit from HTC, which is exceptionally popular and has the best sale. The followers are jumbled with the astonishing gadget and appreciated by the eagle-eyed market seekers.



Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4, an awesome addition to the flagship. First one to introduce the gesture detection feature in the market. Undoubtedly, GS4 is a decent looking smartphone.






When we go out to shop an expensive gadget, it indeed becomes difficult to judge which one is advantageous over the other. In this regard, Samsung Galaxy S4 is the cheapest among HTC One and iPhone 5.


Now when it comes to the outlook, HTC has held itself at the top because of the gorgeous look it has. Whereas, iPhone 5 is a lot like its predecessor iPhone4 but has aluminum unibody design. GS4 has typical looks too.



Size and Weight

GS4 takes a clear lead here. It is 15 percent thinner and 10 percent lighter than both the HTC One and iPhone 5 even after being larger in size than others.


After the time of launch, GS4 and HTC One managed to sale approximately 5 million phones in a day and got 2 million orders on the same day. 8 million iPhone 5 were expected to be sold at the day of its launch, which turned out to be a false alarm for the investor. Only 4 million devices were sold. Many controversies also emerged by the iPhone investors but all ended up in disappointment.


Operating System

HTC tried its best to knock out both GS4 and iPhone 5 by mounting with HTC One but iPhone 5 and GS4 lags it behind here. Although Apple has a level, but GS4 left it behind being a bossy and commanding Android device. Samsung’s increasingly growing market it letting it to be considered as THE Android Smartphone Company.

Moreover, it’s just S4 for whom Google announced S4 to be ‘Google Edition’ with Android stock. No others, under discussion, got this opportunity. Samsung is expected to blow away even the iPhone because of the growing Android market.


Whatsoever, all the companies are on a war drive trying to stab each other. Let’s see who will liquidate others.



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