JShortcodes : FREE WordPress Plugin for Shortcodes

Yesterday a member of’s Facebook Group asked for help, his question was about any shortcodes plugin that can help in outputting Columns layout. So, today I am sharing my favorite plugin in relation to shortcodes that is FREE and it comes with masive amount of shortcodes.


JShortcodes : FREE WordPress Plugin with Massive Ammount of Shortcodes

JShortcodes Plugin a collection of beautiful shortcodes, using them you  can make your blog posts enrich with great visual elements. Who won’t need a professional look at his blog? This plugin offers a lot of shortcodes which are listed as follows

  • Custom buttons are defined with [jbutton] ...[/jbutton] shortcode.
  • Content boxes are defined with [jbox] ...[/jbox] shortcode.
  • Custom columns are defined with[jcolumns]...[/jcolumns] shortcode.
  • Jquery tabs are defined with [jtabs]...[/jtabs]shortcode.
  • Jquery accordions are defined with [jaccordion]...[/jaccordion] shortcode.

Let’s Start

Samples button:Make them through[jbutton] ... [/jbutton] shortcodes.


j-shortcodes screenshot 1


J boxes created with [jbox] ... [/jbox] shortcodes.

j-shortcodes screenshot 2

Column layouts created with [jcolumns] ... [/jcolumns] shortcodes.


j-shortcodes screenshot 3

Jquery tabs created with [jtabs] ... [/jtabs] shortcodes.


j-shortcodes screenshot 4

Jquery accordions created with [jaccordion] ...


j-shortcodes screenshot 5

 How to install JShortcodes?

If you don’t know how to install this plugin then watch a handy video

==>Click : How to install a WordPress Plugin 

Find more info!

If you want to find more info on How to use JShortcodes then click this link

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19 replies on “JShortcodes : FREE WordPress Plugin for Shortcodes”

Wow, that is awesome! I wonder how the performance is though (as I assume it will require some resources to scan and identify every post with these shortcodes), before I decide to give it a try

Judging from the review ratings, looks like a powerful plug-in to have. Tempted!! I’ll give it a try on my other blog

Shortcodes plugin offers collection of useful shortcodes to compliment and enrich any wordpress themes, thanks for share

Well, I would recommend not to use its Jquery features, you get an option for it in the admin panel. Shortcodes are cached in WordPress they are not decoded when a user opens the post they are decoded once when you publish the post.

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