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How should web developers/freelancers Maintain their Temper?


Everyday web developers deal with a number of their clients of different caste, color and creed. Usually at the time when clients hire your services they appear as DEVILS!!! Very often they get satisfied from your work in the first place and if you ask me it really happens ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. They appear to act as VAMPIRES ready to suck every single drop of your blood. Their demands and requirements are like a BOTTOMLESS PIT which has no end and they continue to puncture your soul and mind. A web developer almost being helpless has no way out other than to be ruled by his clients. A client when hires the services try his best to get 200% out of the amount he is paying. The client is entertained worst when he says: “ONE SMALL FINAL CHANGE.” This is the peak time when a web developer thinks to an extent that he’s a JERK!!!

Communication is Crucial:

Communication is Crucial:

Under such conditions it becomes very difficult for the web developer to remain cool and calm. Maintaining a COOL TEMPER is the foremost quality a web developer should possess. Knowing that your clients are the heart and soul of your business you should deal them tactfully BUT not at the cost of your SELF RESPECT and INTEGRITY. Dealing all such issues you should not forget that you are a CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL not a LABORER.He should try to educate his client in case of any query rather being harsh to them.For this he should be excellent at communication skills.

Dos and Don’ts:

do not do

  • Collective efforts can be done by the web developer and the people around him in maintaining his temper.
  • A web developer should indulge himself in light activities e.g. listening to music, reading good stuff, watching movies, playing games and many such recreational activities.
  • A FAMILY HOLIDAY or LAUGHTER THERAPIES will do quite a good job complemented with a cup of tea or coffee with his family and friends. Such things will make a web developer mentally fit and strong and will open new arenas for him to practice his creative skills at a large level.
  • One important thing here I would like to mention is that a web developer should not overcome his ANGER and FRUSTRATION of his clients by targeting his family and friends.This affects his personal life which creates an unhealthy environment. Here at the same time the family and friends should be supportive enough to provide him mental rest and harmony.
  • To conclude we can say the art of web developing is like a circle where each level supports the next. Any WEAK LINK disturbs the entire cycle. Generally, standing up to your client or boss is one of the most difficult things that you will ever do, but believe me – it is something you should be doing regularly in order to turn the web designing process into a pleasant experience for yourself and for your client.

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