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How you Break Heart of a Pro-Blogger!

Spending the entire day in a 4-sided coffin in front of your computer screen, with extreme temperature of summers, dying of thirst of chilled water, dripping down with sweat due to electric shutdown coupled with internet connection issues are the worst possible conditions faced by pro-bloggers especially in third world countries. You can see many pro-bloggers around roaming with their net chips in hands moving them freely in air in search of signals.The above mentioned issues are more than enough to demoralize a pro-blogger. Even then if by chance a pro-blogger successfully surpasses all of the above issues the merciless world is still there to struck his nerves.Today I aim to acknowledge al the bloggers who are working day and night serving their readers with good content but tolerating their broken hearts' pain.

What's the Catch?


It has been seen that blogging is a full time job. The world of blogging is very cruel in terms of competition. It does not entertain any pro-blogger who is producing stuff of low quality neglecting all the great work he had done previously.Today, there is an open list of options for the traffic visiting the blogs. Here you just enter the first few keywords in the SEARCH ENGINE you are looking for and you see a long list of your related searched stuff. Hence, for a blogger the most important thing is to make his content CREATIVE and EYE CAPTURING one.

How you Break Heart of a Pro-Blogger

Break Heart of a Pro-Blogger why

Pro-bloggers spend hours dedicating their lives to this creative world but unfortunately it often happens that response they get is very pitiless.

  •  Users sometimes act so selfish that after benefiting themselves act miserly in appreciating and giving good comments.Yes It happens with me too, writing quality posts and getting almost no comments.
  • It is a common observation that a blogger also mentions an extra REFERRAL LINK  for the help of the user, but sad reality is that this favor often terms the blogger as HACKER or an EFFII++.(Did I just say crap? :P)
  • Rapid hacking attempts acts like an icing on the cake, so we bloggers don't just blog we have to take care of our blog's and readers' content security, end users hardly manage to understand these things when a blog goes down.
  • Bloggers also get demoralized by the technical issues they face e.g. hosting issues, this is one of the most common cause where bloggers loose their readers, and had to tolerate a lot of fuss by them.
  • Sometimes, the SERVER GETS DOWN or the INTERNATIONAL POLICIES hit upon like an earthquake and its tremors are felt for days to come.These are called the nightmares in the life of a blogger.
  • Family and social pressures faced by them because still many people don’t take blogging as a PROFESSIONAL CAREER.

Curing the patient Bloggers

Cure of Break Heart of a Pro-Blogger

Now the question arises what can be done to BOOST UP the pro-bloggers. The main responsibility lies on the part of the USERS.

  • Users should be more supportive in not only benefiting themselves but also towards the pro-bloggers.
  • Users should be kind enough in PRAISING the work.
  • To gain SHORT TERM BENEFITS they should not practice unfair means to destroy the UNTIRING EFFORTS of a pro-blogger.
  • Users should show their love towards the worth of the blogs they read.They can manage writing articles for them & assist them to progress.
  • At the same time the close associates of the blogger which includes their family, they should be affectionate and understanding.
  • They should WELCOME BLOGGING as a respectable profession and uplift the confidence of their child (Bloggers).
  • If you are a friend of any blogger, then go right now & appreciate their work for one, they already had been giving much to blogging.

I speak my MIND

Blogging will be easy to digest till you enjoy doing it as long as you don’t take it on your nerves. One should remember that life is not a bed of roses you have to struggle till you reach a bench mark. Only then you get a chance to stand with pride.

Your Turn

  • Did you like the post?
  • What cures do you suggest?
  • Are you leaving this article without any comments again? :(

By Alina Sofia

Passionate blogger, programmer, who cannot live without cats. Love them :) Right now the student of Engineering & trying to put more of what I think in words. Wanna hire me for content writing? Contact

17 replies on “How you Break Heart of a Pro-Blogger!”

I agree with your point. most of the pro bloggers write quality contents and they end up with no comments some times. sharing our views with the blog authors is a good habit. blog commenting make feel the author that there is some one who really like his article and appreciating him. so this may increase the health of a pro blogger and he show interest in posting more quality articles. I agree with each and every point you mentioned. I will also comment on the blogs with quality content. and now I am whole heartily saying that this is a nice post. thank you for this post.

Its 3rd I guess, Yes third article by Alina Sofia !
I must say I liked this one the most out of 3 articles you wrote.

It kinda speaks about the condition of all bloggers , beginner, mediocre and sometimes some pro-blogger level affected by these points you have mentioned.Great Job !

Thanks Alina for writing what we go through as bloggers…
I really get amazed when my analytics shows me that over 50 persons viewed my quality post and i don’t even get a single comment from any one of them… This sometimes makes me feel Google analytics is not accurate which i know that feeling is not true…
Sometimes it hurts when you spend hours coming up with a quality post for your dear readers and you get no comment from any them except for spam comments…

Your points are very true and we must encourage each other too…

This is a superb post

I enjoyed this post a lot. You really broke down the plight of the common blogger and what can be done by readers, that enjoy the bloggers work, to help.

This is so true!!! Good post! I wrote mainly for a spanish blog and is really hard to get up at 6:00 a.m. just to write awesomes posts without receiving a comment. At least some people share our post on social networks. I learn all I can to make better and better quality contents.

You make me feel part of something,

Thanks Alina!

A good post even for beginners like me…
sometimes when a person start anything he/she needs appreciation about that from some seniors and sometimes needs care about his new creativity so there should be some kind of hand for them who so ever works he needs to be liked and comments to make himself better than before…

Thank You srinath for liking my article.I wrote it from the core my heart too.
I hope so you will keep reading my future articles.I will be writing at Freakify so often.

“This sometimes makes me feel Google analytics is not accurate which i know that feeling is not true…”

This part of your comment tells me about the pain , but don’t worry you just have to try try and try again.

Right now I am going to write 3 times a week here, subscribe to the feeds if you support my writing skills, we bloggers need to support each other.

Hey, Zain you are right !
Appreciation is way more important, I am going to write about it very soon.
Share this article with at your FB and Google profiles.

Alice its so good to find another Female blogger here, No offense to male ones :P
Thank-You for liking my article.I guess the very next article will be a break through !
Do subscribe to the feeds so that you can get informed.
PS. So good to have you here.

Felipe its good to know that you are working hard for quality content.
Qaulity content is king.
Always go for it no matter what happens.
Write what your heart tells you.
Go FREAKING awesome in the way you express things.

I hope you will subscribe to find my next article that is about
A blogger his studies and his love life :)

I support your writing skills and I’m going to subscribe now… It’s really awesome and I’m thinking of sharing this article on my blog with a link back to this article as the original…

Alina, thanks for this post. I never wrote a blog, but I am going to start one. Most likely I am one of the readers you “hate” the most: reading, not commenting and finally not even liking or sharing your post on facebook. Sorry, but I promise to change…

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