Larger ad sizes available in Google AdSense: 300×600

Google AdSense 300×600

Google AdSense: 300x600 Bigger ads

Google after a lot of requests from developers, publishers, webmasters finally has made Larger, brand-friendly ad sizes available in Google AdSense 300×600. What a great NEWS? So what is this? Why is this? How will you use it? Dang I am much more excited to tell you all about this :)

As mentioned in our recently released Display Business Trends , the 300×600 is one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions and is indicative of a trend where publishers are offering more visually impactful ad sizes that are preferred by brand advertisers.

– Omer Gimenez Llach at Google

Advice By Google?

As with all ad sizes, it’s important to carefully consider the placement of ad units to ensure both users and advertisers have a great experience with your site. If you’d like more information on the performance of potential placements, check out our heat mapin the AdSense Help Center.

– Omer Gimenez Llach at Google

Reactions? Eh?

So, every change of Google, gets a lot of reactions! Good or Bad, whatever it takes, you have to accept what Google changes, how Google changes it, and … I most of the times find the changes good. So below you can find some reactions from the adsense publishers.

AdSense 300by600 Users Comments

AdSense 300by600 Users Comments

AdSense 300by600 Users Comments


Big & Awesome

What I say? Awesome, If you are going to use it in a better way, then all you will get is a better CTR (Click through rate, it is a kind of term that is very well defined by words “Ratio of Visits on your site/Clicks on your ads”). Can you believe this? You will be viewing different experiments with this huge sized ad, placed at blogs. Pre-made themes will get a shift! All the plugins in relation to Adsense will get an update. New trends in Web Design industry as well as new kind of themes.

Google AdSense ad size 300x600

What’s in it for you?

  • If you are a theme developer then get your themes updated before anyone!
  • If you are a blogger, then use this ad in the best creative way you can think of to appreciate this effort from Google
  • If you are just going to place it to get more clicks, all you get from me is a Thumbs Down emoticon and hardly any appreciation by anyone else.

Google AdSense: 300×600 Decision?

Any Ideas? Decisions? How are you going to use it? I am so excited in getting to know more about your creative plans about using Google AdSense: 300×600 ad on your blogs.

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Great information. Thanks a lot to Adsense team who has think some thing about users. :)
I think with this large image, there may be more chances to get clicks from

Thank you

I had been waiting for so long for Google to make this ad size available for the rest of us!

This size will most definitely change the web, it’s just a matter of time before we find out if it’s for the better.

Ahmad bahi it would be great if they allow us to create 600*300 banner ad too because we cannot place this ad banner into article due to its massive size. Only sidebar is the right place for it.

First I really like you blog/site … original! But I find it a little too crowded for my taste. (too many ads)

For Google adsense I really think it’s a good thing to have big ads to show up in our posts. Hope this will get more clicks for us and more sale for the one paying for the ads.

Good work have fun and a great day with that! (*_*)

Excellent Article and this post has many important tips. So i agree with you. The 300×600 unit, sometimes referred to as a half page unit, provides a larger space for advertisers to get their message across and can offer users rich engagement. As mentioned in our recently released Display Business Trends, the 300×600 is one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions and is indicative of a trend where publishers.
Thanks for share it.

Dear Admin,

Thanks for providing an effective Blog that offers complete synchronization between creativity and information.Your Blogs meets all the requirements of the readers and is user friendly and provide the best and best information to the reader.

Thank you so much for share the great information…!!!!

Wow good news by google adsense..but first i get brother wish me best of luck..thanks for update..keep it up like this…

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