Best Jokes 2013

Best jokes of 2013 this post explains how to make our best joke out of your normal conversations in this post there are two people one is Lamy and one is Lamy friend called her that her friend is our grocery store shopkeeper or sales man where as though Amy is the customer are the one OME is buying groceries just like a boss and is backed up with her friend bananas shapes and eggs and brides and a lot of search you your staff where as the her being bored says dual view should couple we should make up a couple of own jokes to make people laugh and then Lamy ask how do we do there and have started popping thinks of an idea and came up with a will ask about anything any random person on your answer it in a funny way than just like a boss.

Best Jokes 2013

Lambie scams fold with both of you are his hands across his body working at her packing up the lucky charms chaps then picking up the finger shares in picking of the banana and then comes the alleviation thanks and then finally he was picking up the bread when he stuck up and stays at the back then when he was trading in the bread he asked Noemi, the question of in relation to bread then he asked a question in relation to bread that question was what do you call a bread that is that then Lamy what kind of question is this then Lamy thinks of itself vibration comes up with a nice and great answer saying the bread that is that is at Dells with now this is a funny way of conversation.Β Such kind of funny conversation makes up with your world the makes you keep happy you remain silent instead and making great Nile laughing with your buddies here you your customers make them your loyal customers this is what we call a halt best way of making jokes in the 2013


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