Faster Gmail Search By Google in Beta Stage

Google is about to introduce Faster Gmail Search, which will help you out in finding things way fast then you ever imagined. The following images play their role in explaining the concept in a better way.

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The relevant emails, drive and calender entries are being shown in the simple entry of two letters. Making your UI better, sleek and modern.

Faster Gmail Search

Faster Gmail Search

Gmail in Google Search

Personally I hate this feature and have to click the global search icon again and again. But there are people who like it.

Faster Gmail Search

Faster Gmail Search

More? Still More?

If you still want something more then Google narrates the story like this

Faster Gmail SearchFaster Gmail SearchFaster Gmail Search


Hey what did you just say?

I cannot hear or feel your views about this update. All  you have to do is comment below to show your presence.


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i tried google drive but can’t find better than dropbox, what is difference b/w both of them???

Excellent and important post. Thanks for the really thoughtful and helpful review! I wish c|net and other professional tech journalism websites were as thorough and helpful!

hmm very nice feature by gmail…searching techniques are being implemented by many these days,,,certainly helps get rid of the cruft and concentrate on what’s important. thx for the info ahmad! :)


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