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Download 10 Windows 8 New Wallpapers 2013

Windows 8 New Wallpapers

Windows 8 is a nice window OS, with a minimal design in it. What you love in it after your first install is its sleek look. Charming! is what you express. But the thing is it comes with a less quantity of wallpapers in it. So, finding this issue :P I thought to post some Windows 98 related new wallpapers. I hope so you all will like them a lot. Let me know which one you liked the most.


Blue is such a charming color. This wallpaper will give a relaxing affect to your eyes.

Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 Wallpaper


Green wallpaper is make your desktop look fresh. I love to use green wallpapers on Sundays

Windows 8 Wallpaper


This is a really sleek one

Windows 8 Wallpaper

New Logo

New Windows Logo looks like this. Hope so you like it.

Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 Wallpaper

Your turn

Tell us which one you liked the most? I mentioned three of my fav.


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Hi Ahmed,

All your posts are real gems with a world of difference. Love these wall papers a lot. You choose unique subjects always to write your posts. Eventually, they turn out to be the best and impressive.

Thanks a lot

i dual boot windows 8 with window 7 and the start up was super cool. Application works very fine . Although i miss start button on the new window thank for sharing these wallpaper with us

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