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Get dot Me Domains for Free!!!

There are many aspiring hearts who are really passionate about blogging and really want to earn the same respect and fame like many other pro bloggers. But the biggest hindrance in their way of passion is the difficulty in bearing the expenses of buying a domain of their own. is the solution to all your problems in this respect. They are giving  free .me domains for a year so that you may start your journey of blogging.



Unfortunately, not everyone can avail this offer. To make yourself eligible of getting this free domain, you have to get  Mozilla Thunderbird. You can easily download it and you can become a well deserving candidate to win this.


Install the Mozilla Thunderbird Download from here and open it. This will display the following box. Here you give in the desired email id and this will denote your domain.

Get dot Me Domains for Free

Get dot Me Domains for Free

The moment you get a .me domain you will receive a confirmatory message showing your booking.

Get dot Me Domains for Free

  • Then you click the option Buy. In order to mange your domain you will be asked to make a Gandi Account. When you are done with this you own the domain for one year absolutely free.

Get dot Me Domains for Free

Note: One Free domain per account , if you try to get more than one domain per account all your domains will be deleted and you will be banned from Offer is valid till 31 Dec


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By Alina Sofia

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What about the renewal of the domain ? How much they charge for renew ?
Also Can we add hosting from host gator in it ?

Thank you for informing. :)


nice I am searching from the google last couple of days.
Thanks for the awesome tips Ahmad Awais …

I’m going to try it .Personally , I do not prefer to free domain . But it is good for experiment’s purpose . Overall this is good sharing especially for new bloggers .

thanks for giving credits .
Update : keep your default country as France , you will be qualified for the domain . offer is not yet ended . They have suspended due to problem in their servers. Very soon you can again start getting the domains but 31 Dec 2012 is the last date. Happy Blogging. Happy Freaking on freakify .

I had a chat with them today, they said they will launch it soon , because many have abused this offer . Hope it comes back.

Its awesome , thanks to this blog admin. its a great post :) will go and register free domain now :D

without this there are many other ways to get a free domain just search this via google using this key words (get a free domain uba africard) the first search that comes up will guide youn through but remember that you my verify your cc and the site is affliated to google and you can traffer your site out from there my domain was goteen their free and am sure people have not abuse thios one yet because my elder bro stil gets his yersday i still repeat they must verifiy ur cc and best of luck

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