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8 Absurd Reasons To Start Your Blog

The unusual side of every task may attract many throughout the world. Similarly, many take blogging very seriously and are very passionate about it, while many others may do it for the sake of fun. In my previous article I mentioned the productive reasons to start your blog. Now, I will be listing down the absurd reasons why to start your blog??? Apart from these if you have any other reason you are always welcome to comment.

Perfect Conditions Perfect Choice:-

Sitting in a warm cozy bed with a cup of hot coffee in your hand coupled with a chilling breeze of December sounds extremely soothing. In such conditions that person will be a fool who will love to go out for work. So for such perfect conditions blogging will be the perfect choice. You can enjoy every moment without any mental stress people have to face on account of their work. I’ve seen many people taking deep sighs and extremely helpless when they have to skip such events unwillingly on the account of their tough schedule. Your blog paves the way for this situation.

Best Excuse:-

Starting a blog provides you a perfect opportunity to skip from any kind of work and make the easiest excuse, “MOM!!! Can’t you see I’m blogging” and blah blah blah. I have come across many young boys quarrelling with their mommies on the account that they don’t help her in the chores of the house. Or wives screaming and grumbling at their poor husbands to take care of the baby of buy them grocery or take them shopping. So for all such destitute starting a blog is a very wise option. If by chance you flunk any of your subjects at school you will have your blog to put the blame on. If you have misbehaved to anyone then again your blog will be there to save you.


Fool Your Family:-

Once you start your blog it’s become way too easy for you to fool your family. Opening your Blog in one tab and doing every other stuff of your own choice in all other adjacent tabs will become very easy. The moment your family asks you to abandon sitting on computer you may start working on your blog, pretending that you are doing something highly effective. Plus this will earn you a special name in your family. Everyone will look up to you.

Impact on your girlfriend:-

If you want to make a lasting impact on anyone within hours then you may start your blog. Especially those hunks who want to leave a very intellectual impact on their girlfriend for the first time their blog will do it for them. If you belong to a mediocre family and you don’t own a well-established family business, a long queue of limos and an unending bank balance then “I run my blog” will be an impactful answer to impress your girlfriend. On your dates you may carry your laptop along and show her popularity of your work among others. This will make her flatter and she will start considering you her Prince Charming.

Pocket Money:-

To earn an extra bulk of pocket money you may start your blog. I have seen many professional bloggers who are earning a handsome amount from their blogs and spend partying out with friends. In the worst case this earning might be used to buy your girlfriend/wife expensive gifts thus keeping her mouth shut and satisfied.

Nothing to lose:-

You can start your blog easily with an eternal peace of mind. You have no worries because you don’t have anything to lose in it. All you want is a computer and an internet connection which is usually financed by your parents. Even if you blog isn’t rewarding you may close it with a single click.


Blogging has become quite trendy these days. Whoever earns handful fame runs his blog. Whoever it is a business tycoon, a film star, a sportsperson, a student even a tailor or a cook who is rendering his services now runs his personal blog. So there are many wannabes who just start their blog on an account that everyone else is doing it so why can’t we?

Time pass:-

If you want a perfect time pass then you may start a blog because you want to put in your effort and you get quality time to spend. If you want to abandon it you can do it easily because you are not answerable to anyone and you can do it without any sort of worry.



By Alina Sofia

Passionate blogger, programmer, who cannot live without cats. Love them :) Right now the student of Engineering & trying to put more of what I think in words. Wanna hire me for content writing? Contact

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Hehe, what a fun post! These are all some creative and fun reasons to start blogging – but seriously, why pass up an opportunity to potentially make some cash off of something you love? Great article!

Really We can Success With Blogging. Now Day blogging is Very Famous in this world. i don’t now about other parents. What did they shy about blogging. but my parents give me support in my blogging career. i love my parents :) @AlinaSofia Thanks For Sharing this post. keep it up

i am doing blogging because i love it..i like to write about tech related and never the less the main motive of my blogging was that i can say to my friends and my relatives that i am a blogger when they ask what you do all the time on your lappie..!!! :P :P :P

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