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Blunders that People Make When Designing their Website

Designing a website is overwhelming, but it is not enough. You also have to make it functional for the users, which makes the task much more complicated. We all have come across websites that take too much to load or are too flashy, which compels us to close them and search for competing sites instead.

Hence, making a creative website is good, but you must also remember that it should be practical and user-friendly. Otherwise, that creativity will go to waste. Below is a list of mistakes you need to avoid.

Excessive Use of Flash

Moderate use of flash lifts up your website and makes it look elegant. However, a lot of things can go wrong when designing using too much flash content. The drawback is that flash is not accessible by everyone. Additionally, it also requires bandwidth which supports flash.

If you want to add flash on your website, make sure it is viewable by your potential audience. Otherwise, it will be useless and will only take unnecessary loading time.

Inactive Links

Many websites incorporate hyperlinks for outsourcing and insourcing, which is a good strategy to increase views on the website. However, links that are broken or give 404 error causes irritation among the surfers. It also gives the impression that your business is amateur and reduces the viewer’s faith in you.

To ensure that the links on your website work properly, you need to weekly check them for errors.

Software Installation

No one likes installing software just to view the content of a website which they could find on any other site. Moreover, websites that ask for software installation appear shady and unreliable. Many times, the browser itself blocks the installation of such software and only some extensions such as; Flash and Acrobat are able to get approval.

Hence, avoid this at all costs.

Not Examining the Site

Monitoring the site and keeping it updated is rule number one of generating profits online. When a user visits your site, you can access information on how were they able to get there. This will give you an insight on which method is more beneficial for increasing visitors on the site. In addition to that, you can also get data on the type of content most users are interested in. That way, you can add similar content on your website to provide them exactly what they require.

Automatic Audio Playing

The Internet is accessible everywhere and people use it anywhere, anytime and at anyplace they want to. When a user is visiting your website in public, they don’t want an audio to start playing in the background. This is embarrassing as well as irritating for the general public when they are in the habit of opening multiple tabs together because it takes longer to search for the link in which the video is being played.

Providing the control to your audience will enhance your professional image and built up the user’s trust.

If you want a web design which is functional and user-friendly, then you should opt for professional help for Web Design in Northern Ireland. These web designers put themselves in the visitor’s shoe and plan the designing strategically to stay away from such mistakes.

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