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Bitch Quotes The Bitchy Way!

A compilation of  Bad Bitch Quotes, Haters Quotes, life is a bitch quotes. Bitch quotes are the sarcastic set of bitchy quotes that can help you when you are trying to prove someone more bitchy than you are.

#5 Bitch Quote

This quote has an excessive use of word “Bitch” in this a Bitch is telling the other Bitch she hates, that she knows the third bitch bitching her is a bitch. Confused? Read yourself

So you're the bitch that told the bitch that I'm a bitch, well listen bitch it takes a bitch to know a bitch, bitch.

#4 Call me Bitch

In this quote full of attitude, a proud girl is telling everyone, that she can be a bitch if you want to screw her over anything by saying “Call me bitch and I will show you one”

Judge me and I will prove you wrong. Tell me what to do and ill tell you off. Tell me I'm not worth and watch where I end up. call me a bitch and I'll show you one. fuck me over and I'll do it to you twice as bad. Call me crazy but you really have no idea. :)~

#3 Life is a Bitch Quote

In this quote there is a big lesson, that teaches us to leave the bitch behind and move forward in life, but in other perspective life is also a bitch.

All you gotta do in life is smile and ignore the bitch behind you.

#2 I am 80% Bitch

This quote is to tell others that you can be a bitch if someone starts to mess with you. A sweet way of ordering someone to be nice with you.


I'm 10% suga, 10% spice, but I'm 80% bitch so you better be nice!!!

#1 If you are a bitch, then you are what you are

This quote is the sarcastic way to tell someone that nature never changes.

Abracadabra! Nope. You're still a bitch.


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