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50 Best Designs of Nail Art 2014

We discover day to day so many new things. Beauty is now no more an option but today, it has grown into a complete new field of art. Nails is an essential part of adding beauty in your personality. With the immense trend of manicure in ladies, nail art has become a necessary thing for all girls. The very first form of nail art that was introduced was though very simple but today, there are many variations in this field of art. With every passing day new complexity of design is introduced in this respect. And indeed this is he topic o four today’s post i.e.ย Best Designs of Nail Art 2014.

Girls are extremely crazy to get the nail art done. In the past girls use to match their nail color with their dress. But today it is entirely opposite, girls match their dresses with their nails i.e. with the nail art. People have launched nail bars where only nail art is being done exclusively. They charge loads of money to get it done. However, due to the increased cost many people cannot afford to get it done from professionals in this field. So for the ease of everyone we are presenting a list of different but fully furnished ย designs of 50 Best Designs of Nail Art 2014.ย This collection is the latest and trendy for this new year and are very easy to try them in homes only with a little expertise. We hope that this year turns out great for nail art and we get to see more classy and trendy designs this 2014.

Design # 1

Design # 2

Design # 3

Design # 4

Design # 5

Design # 6

Design # 7

Design # 8

Design # 9

Design # 10

Design # 11

Design #12

Design # 13

Design # 14

Design # 15

Design # 16

Design # 17

Design 18

Design # 19

Design # 20

Design # 21

Design # 22

Design # 23

Design # 24

Design # 25

Design # 26

Design # 27

Design # 28

Design # 29

Design # 30

ย Design # 31

Design # 32

Design # 33

Design #34

Design # 35

Design # 36

Design # 37

Design # 38

Design # 39


Design # 40

Design # 41

Design # 42

Design # 43

Design # 44

Design # 45

Design # 46

Design 47

Design # 48

Design # 49

Design # 50


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