Activate Windows 8 Product Key { FREE for Students }

Activate your windows 8 product key, easily by the three methods I am going to discuss below. If you are a student then you must know that Microsoft has offered a lot of universities, free of cost access to its products. Contact your university administration to acquire about that. This method is for those who have the product key in hand, but are getting errors when they try to activate it.

What errors?

When you install your windows through any installation key, you notice that there is no way to get that installation activated. You can confirm this by opening Settings  from Right sidebar > Change PC settings > Activate Windows. You will face this kind of errors:

“Windows can’t be activated right now. Try activating Windows later. If this issue persists, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support online to activate Windows.”


Activation Error: Code 0x8007232b
DNS Name does not exist

So here most of the end users now they have to re-install the windows OS to get it licensed. Don’t worry the following solutions will help you out.

Activate Windows 8 Product Key Method #1

So, when you have the product key in your hand all you have to do is Open CMD (Run as Administrator) & enter the command:

slmgr -upk

Then go to  Settings  from Right sidebar > Change PC settings > Activate Windows. Activate your window through it. So in short first you uninstalled the old key and then entered the licensed product key.

Activate windows 8 Product Key

Method #2: Activate Windows 8 Product Key

This second method allows you to activate your Windows 8 through Control Panel. Just Open CMD (Run as administrator) and execute the following command (Type it and press enter)


Method #3: Activate Windows 8 Product Key

This method is the easiest one. Just press WIN + R button top open “”Run” and hit enter after typing slui 3

Activate windows 8 Product Key method 3

Then just enter your product key

Activate windows 8 Product Key

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This post will surely pave the way for many people to install Windows 8 who were unable to do it due to the unavailability of the product key. Thanks for sharing with us such a timely post.

HI Ahmed Awais,

Since im waiting for this great O.S from a long time and at last the day came windows 8 has been released. And thanks for the awesome information. However i have purchased an upgrade from an online store for 699INR. And also installed in on my pc.

I tried your instructions, But When typed”slmgr-upk” in command prompt and then enter, It says “slmgr-upk in not recognized as an internal or external command”, Please help me soon

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