5 WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins To make it Charming

The plugins which work at the back-end rarely affect the page load time of your site. So, most of the bloggers make use of a lot of back-end plugins to make the admin panel a more charming place than ever. Today I plan to share 5 plugins that will make your blog’s Admin panel charming. You will get to know the plugins to edit your taxonomies, search through categories and fast image adding possibilities etc


Admin Menu Editor

Admin Menu Editor Plugin allows you to easily rename your WordPress Menu to anything. The screenshot below can describe it really well.

10 Admin Menu Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Site’s User Interface

This plugin can

  • Rename you blog’s Admin panel Menu Items
  • Drag & Drop re-arrangement of menu items is also possible.
  • Create custom menu for internal and external URLs
  • Hide any Menu item which teases you and is useless e.g. Links Menu

Back End Category Search

Back End Category Search is a very handy plugin. Some of the sites have a lot of categories but choosing a category from like hundreds of categories is a tiresome job. How about having a live search capability ? e.g if you want to search a category WordPress, you get a search box in which when you type WordPress that category shows up.


WP Admin Bar Effect

WP Admin Bar Effect plugin allows give a nice hover effect to your ADMIN BAR. When you hover it with mouse it displays otherwise it doesn’t. You can see the live demonstration in the image below.

wp-admin-bar-effect screenshot 1

Scripts n Style

Scripts n Style is a plugin I was searching for more than a month. It helps you to add scripts and styles to individual posts & pages thus helping you out to use anything on your blog with taking care of any page load time issues.

scripts-n-styles screenshot 6

WP Admin Bar New Tab PP

WP Admin Bar New Tab PP is a plugin to help you open your blog in a new window through your admin bar. I really like this plugin and use it on almost all the blogs I have. It makes your work flow easier & fast. Just click your blog name and it will open it in next tab :) See the target=”_blank” in the below image to confirm it.

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