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3 Tumblr Type WordPress Themes {$0.5 per Theme}

3 Tumblr Type WordPress Themes


Some people are so badly addicted to the concept of tumbler, that they feel at ease by having a similar look & feel in WordPress. In this article I have collected three themes which have some kind of resemblance with tumbler. These are the famous elegant themes, which are easily affordable for anyone.

How to get a premium Elegant WordPress Theme in just $0.5

Well, right now Elegant Themes are 76 in number. All you have to buy is a $40 membership to get all the themes. Which costs you only $0.5 per theme. These are high quality themes and if you just go through the demos you will find theme built creatively with solid design. Want to hear more? Let’s discuss recommendation after having a look at the themes.

#3 Notebook WordPress Theme

This is a very nice theme. Why I will prefer it is because it has a crazy use of CSS3. Hover effects are great. It can be a good portfolio theme.notebook-wordpress-theme

{ Demo | Download at $0.5}

 #2 LightBright WordPress Theme

Just wow, what a smooth look. It has options to change the colors to anything. Think of it as a theme with different color for different categories! Or for building a similar themed network over subdomains of a particular domain.


{ Demo | Download at $0.5}


#1 DailNotes WordPress Theme {Favorite Tagged}

I just can’t explain my love for this theme. It has helped me in converting readers to potential customers. It is crafted into a diary type thing which helps you in giving a WOW affect to any niche you use it for. Have a look at the demo, buy it or not, but looking a beautiful theme is not prohibited. I bet it will grab your attention.


{ Demo | Download it at $0.5 Yes! This much cheap}


Why should one buy Elegant Themes Membership?

Theme Options



Page Templates

Finally Support

You get all in $39

wow-offer-themesWhat are you waiting for? Go get the Elegant Themes right now.


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