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3 Primary Ethics for a Blogger Today: Let me be rude!

If you have started blogging, you need to know some of the very basics of blogging ethics. I see a very less amount of people who are aware of these. Yes! I mean these ethics can make a you a pro blogger in a matter of an year or two. I am not in a very good mood right now (Sarcasm!). Yes, one way or another I am calling all the people who just started blogging or have been in this field mere …(I guess you know what fits best for you). So, let me start now.

Don’t Just don’t write small “i”

I see a good quantity of bloggers who used to write “i” instead of “I” in their blogs, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or inside their routine chats on Skype. I would like them to know , if you are not going to write something in a good manner you will not be getting good conversion through your work. At-least you are not going to enjoy traffic from USA. They are quite picky people you know.

Advice: STOP WRITING “i” !

Questions Bombardment


The phenomena of bombarding questions without doing any research work over Google is a common practice among young bloggers. If they are a part of socially active group they start spoiling atmosphere with there fully noobie type questions. In such an atmosphere each and every blogger starts thinking bad about them/you.You might ask “What’s the right way to do this stuff then?”

Advice: I agree with your thoughts, no-one is a born genius. But Google is a born genius :). Use it. Use it. Use it (Enough?). Yes , search for the thing you want to know with three different queries and then come along with your conclusion saying “I searched on Google 3 times, and found this, that I am not able to understand the particular thing, if you can guide me or just provide the guiding pointers, you will earn some appreciation from the core of my heart.”

The PM Phenomena

Yes, you read it right, PM (Private Message). Someday when you might be enjoying your time, at Facebook & you find an unread message notification, teasing you and grabbing your attention again and again.You go on & read it, there is someone from your blogger friends who acquires for FREE help. He/She will write.

  • “can you do this for me?” (No, manners at all blogger)
  • “i see your blog is awesome , can you give me your premium plugin ” (Expecting a lot blogger)
  • “find you at-last, i know you are free, you were commenting in that group, can you tell what is blogging” (Old age Noob with no Google)
  • “i see you have good knowledge of WordPress, my site got hacked do you know WHY?” (Blogger with no Brain)
  • “hey like my page, hey like my status, hey tagged you, hey see my  nice post, hey join my group, hey i invented blogging do you know? read more click here, hey i post 5 ways to blog for 57th time wana read it now?” (More spammer than a blogger)
  • “sir, i am your younger bro/sis, plzzzzzzz help me plz i want to make my new theme like because i am a copy cat who don’t know how to copy, but still ia m a copy cat, pllzzzzz help me god will be kind on you” (Emotional Blackmailer + Copycat blogger)
  • “i know you are famous you don’t have time, do this FREE for me , I will be glad” (Shit-head blogger, who expects FREE work from a Freelancer)
  • “hahahahaha hehehe huuhuh lolz rofl do you reay think you can do this, this thing really exists? lol can anyone sell this too, why are you so serious ? be jolly man hey enjoy your life! What the hell do you think you are! Blah Blah” (Non-serious blogger who never get anything except legs they were trying to pull :P)

Advice : Are you one of these? Do you write like this and think your question will be answered? What kind of impression are you leaving on the person you are PMing this stuff?

There is a better way I can suggest you that. Be good with the person from whom you want help. Be his friend, comment on his social activities, follow him along, appreciate his work, suggest him something you want to see over his blog, after 3 months of such relation, you could get a better chance to ask such questions from him, which will seem ethically correct. Another thing is when you ask about something be crystal clear about it, be elaborate, make your point very clear, ask it all, don’t make the person ask you any question, still tell him to let you know if he want to ask anything else? Tell him to reply you whenever he’ll be free.


By Freakify Editorial

The post was written by the Freakify Editorial Team. used to be managed by Awais, Maedah and their team before its acquisition.

24 replies on “3 Primary Ethics for a Blogger Today: Let me be rude!”

I agree with Alina. I will change my PM Phenomena for my future as a blogger. Thank you for this article. :D

Great article!!! Yeah “I” do remember when you corrected my “i.” :)))
Many people make the same mistake your aricle will help them a lot.

I agree with you Ovais, Most noob Bloggers and peoples use asks this type of questions and they want us to reply them. As you can see on my blog articles that I have never used “i” instead of “I” because I know the importance of writing manner.

Same technique works for guest Blogging requests, The top Bloggers will only accept our guest Blogging request if we send them genuine request, not like one of these which you’ve mentioned in this post.

Thanks for your post Ovais bro.

Amazing Article!! Actually, i will rate it 5 Stars.. Great Job!, Many new bloggers do these mistakes, As myself, sometime when i have started blogging, i used to ask stupid questions like there from other bloggers :)

There are very few bloggers who append this much productivity in their behaviors.But it is always needed if you ever want to become a pro-blogger.By the way Paryag bro going to redesign Freakify :)

I’m a developer, I don’t know much about blogging but I really enjoyed PM part of article, I too faced such kind of persons. “Hey, do it for me”, “Hi, Need your help, my website is not working”, “”How to Learn PHP” etc etc..

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