LOVE: BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! 4 pm sharp at CUCKOO’S COFFEE SHOP displays my mobile’s message screen. I banged my laptop screen and immediately jump out of my couch to get dressed for a perfect date planned by my girlfriend.Got the best dress from my wardrobe of her choice and wore the perfume which she loves the most,got into the car, and I was on my way to the coffee shop meet MY THE ONE, MY ONLY PRINCESS.

Blog: All the way I received notification about my article which I posted just a few minutes ago in my blog. It seems that people really liked it. Ahhh!!! Finally I was there gave a final touch up of a spray of mouth freshener and was in the coffee shop.

Love:  Finally finding me there she quickly placed the order. We started off with our conversation at a normal pace.

Study: My message tune rang and my eyes bulged out LAB EVALUATION plus submission of ASSIGNMENT of 13 long numerical problems.SHIT MAN CRAP!!! Gave a face palm and took gulp of water. That hardly relieved me when there started an unending phone rings.

Freelancing: Man how can I be such a crap??? My client pissed me off for not making his so called “ONE LAST FINAL CHANGE” in his webpage that I was hired to design.

YES!!! I was in a mess and could not handle it altogether.

Love: Girls are truly gifted with sharp senses and yes she caught me. Girls can tolerate everything but not ignorance. And she did the same, off she went with loads of grumbling and poor I was helpless.

Blogging VS Love VS Studies

I am not the only one who experienced this, I am sure my story narrates a lot of other poor lives like me. The bitter reality is that all three of them i.e. BLOGGING, STUDIES and LOVE is a full time job.

The bitter reality is that to cope with all three of them, i.e. BLOGGING, STUDIES & LOVE, is a full time job. Each one of them is so cruel ,  giving no room for compromise.

In such harsh conditions it is very difficult to maintain a balance. Especially at a graduation level where you have to take your life seriously it becomes even more painful.

 For a person like me and many others studies are a necessary evil, blogging is a passion and love is umm you know … love is LOVE.

Feel Sorry for my Soul

Sometimes your passion over rules everything and you become neglectful. You stay awake for nights making your blog more progressive but next morning you are sleeping like hell missing your regular lectures, or if by chance you manage to get to the classroom you sleep there with open eyes. Or considering yourself the luckiest in terms of not sleeping then your girlfriend is there to make you busy in texting during class.

At this stage the one who suffers is the poor soul.

I mean its me who is making it suffer.Yes, I want to tell you I feel sorry for you my dear soul.I am the one who is being harsh on you since my childhood, when I left playing computer games like other kids and pounced inn the world of technology full of zeal & zest , but I know for you it was all fuss.It might have been thinking a lot about a thing I would like to mention.

What a great life it would be if I was the part of a lazy bluffer, Ahmad has so much to do in a complete day, I quit I can’t take it anymore :)
-Poor Soul Of Ahmad Awais



At times it happens that you are busy with creating some new post at the same time your girlfriend wants some time of yours. She dedicates her time fully in talking to you and you are busy with your work. The repercussions are that you reply late and she gets irritated and you end up in a fight because waiting so long for your reply is very torturous for her. Next morning you will have to plead to cheer her making up her mood or compensating it with a date.

This is not All

Yes, I am right this is not all.In my life I have to deal with certain other things like most of the other bloggers.You  have to deal with things in life.If you want success you have to sacrifice a lot.You need to be more productive.You need to get yourself scheduled.You have pull your weight against these things, I know they matter in your life but success is not easy.

There are other things in life for me , I am listing the most important here , I think these are the things most of the bloggers practice

Sports : Yes I do play football so often, Hey coach if you are reading it then I must tell , I am really injured :P

Exercise & Gym : If you get no time for exercise & Gym in your life, your tummy will start swelling and you will become a big mass full of fat.This has to be dealt in a good way , so leaving for Jogging at 6 pm and returning back at 7 pm consumes my time too. Read this article you will like it a lot “Health of a Blogger

Freelancing : I am a freelancer , used to be more in freelancing than blogging from 2005-2010 , I design Logos, Flyers, Posters, Websites etc and develop codes for WordPress , and other PHP Frameworks, AH I have a good deal of clients who keep on teasing me day after another :P Dealing with freelancing is an art, if you have spent like an year in that field you would know what I mean.Btw read this “How should web developers/freelancers Maintain their Temper?” But believe me you must have good faith in yourself, I always narrate what Tolkien said

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring; renewed shall be blade that was broken, the crown less again shall be king.”

-J.R.R. Tolkien


  • I must say in all such circumstances the best treat will be if you find a supportive girlfriend who understands you and your work and cares about you.
  • Affectionate parents who should be a little kind towards their child’s passion and compromising blog lovers.
  • The best solution is to maintain a balance between everything, which is the hardest part.
  • Try doing things at appropriate times systematically because EXCESS OF ANYTHING IS BAD.

What  I DO?

I have to manage all these things , it seems like hell of a job.I know a lot of bloggers are working in a very similar way, life becomes mess sometimes, but you have to keep a good pace with things.So, what I normally do? How do I manage these things ?

On Mobile

For normal time in a day I use my Android Cell phone (HTC Desire HD) to manage things for me, in it I mostly use Color Notes App, its one of they great Apps in Androids.

ColorNote Notepad Notes - Android Apps on Google Play.png

On Laptop

Where as on my Lappy (Laptop, can’t help writing it what I call it :P btw some people it my wife :P ) , I use 7 Sticky Notes to make schedules etc.


By the arrow heads you can see everything going on the laptop screen , some arrows point towards blogging related things, others go for lab assignments i.e. studies, providing support over Team Viewer to clients & chatting with my fiancee on Skype Arghh!!! Fed up!.Almost half of the bloggers remain that busy.Sometimes bad things happen,sometimes they turn good onto you.Your love life ends or you get a failure in studies, but there must be atleast one thing where you should succeed

Your Turn:

  • Yes I will leave this article in the middle of no where , i don’t have any have any better thoughts about how to end this article.
  • There are hardly any existing solutions ! You got one? Tell me! Tell All !
  • Are you facing the same issues which I do? Atleast some ? What do you expect ?
  • Have you sacrificed something in your life for blogging ? If so then what?

LOLx Leave it HEHHE :) Look she is here writing within my article :S , JeSS Team Viewer Rocks  :) hehehehe !  Gotta go guys :), will yOU sTOP iT nOw    coming I said :S