Jun 6, 2013

Maedah Batool

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  • Rahul kuntala

    Hahaha great post Ahmad. Out of box! BTW similar type of content I’m gonna publish soon on my blog. Hope you can deal the three things better!

    All the best :)

    • AhmadAwais

      Read yours too, its good to find you here, busy with papers these days, can’t maintain a daily posting schedule as usual.Posting thrice a week these days !

  • Abdul Rauf

    Hye Awais, you have got a great blog, great GF,great parents. May you have more blessings in life. I also want to enjoy such digital life. And one day I’ll. May God bless you. And thanks for writing and blogging

    • AhmadAwais

      Finacee by the way !
      Thanks for the wish abdul !

  • saif Ullah butt

    Ahmad ,

    Exceptional writing and awesome post. I have the same problem, Do you know what ? i have laptop on my legs, Facebook opened on my mobile and Messaging of my G.f on an other mobile. ;)
    I am a bit same like you. :P

    I would suggest you to write some better ending to give some points how do you manage your all stuff in daily life ?


    • AhmadAwais

      There a lot of other things I didn’t mention in this article to maintain the rhythm buh will add them to my dialogue in near future with some new experimental articles !

  • Junaid Rehman

    You living in a very hard life that is why you are successful blogger. I am also blogger but i live in a peace environment and that is why i am very far behind you. :)

    • AhmadAwais

      You will succeed bro, I hope to see you at a good rank.I read you passed WP 3 exam at ODesk that is something now !

  • Ammar Ali

    I love your desktop, You are really hard work person :) Keep it up

    • AhmadAwais

      If you want , I can make up a tuto , on how set up a nice desktop !

  • Ehsan

    I’m also facing the same problems which you mentioned in this post, but mine is a little different like instead of Blogging VS Love Vs Studies, It’s Blogging Vs studies VS more than 100 others issues in my life which I can’t describe in this post. I have created a timing schedule for everything in my life like Blogging, study, football (YES!! I also play football with my friends!), family and other issues. But timing schedule isn’t going to help in these cases all the time.

    Anyway I will not write very long comment, but all I want to say is that this post specially is for me because I have all these problems in my life which you shared in this post.

    • AhmadAwais

      Thanks for showing so much love in your comment, keep appreciating , I will write more and better !

  • AbuBakar

    A year for me it was like Studies VS Work VS Sports VS Friends. :)
    People say they dont have time for this or that but its not like that, there’s time for everything its just matter of preference, what do you prefer or feel is important. My winner in the end was work, that’s something I preferred (or maybe had to prefer) over studies. I am no more a student now :) but still a good athlete and have a lot of friends :)

    • AhmadAwais

      Its good to know, your comment shows how much you liked the article !
      I love your support my mentor :)

  • Ubaid Imtiaz

    Loved reading it..! Great work ..! :)

    • AhmadAwais

      Thanks. Ubaid

  • Zaini

    A superb article by Ahmad Awais….
    Explaining the Life of a Blogger at Graduation Level when there is a lot of Burden of life and Studies adiing with different sort of matters which we have to deal all along with our Hobby and Profession.
    You explained it so nicely and Truly, Glittering it with beauty and with awsome simplicity…
    An Perfect Article on a Life of Blogger….
    Great Work :) :)

    • AhmadAwais

      Thanks for learning and entioning a lot here Zain, looking for more comments from you , in future too !
      See ya

  • waqar

    i can help you out :P

    • AhmadAwais

      How g?

  • Mohsin Ali

    Awais my mom always says to me that why don’t you go outside and do a job or what ever else but after reading your story it looks like you are a very active blogger. How can you manage so many things and do all this stuff. My life is so boring, i used to sit infront of my computer 24/7 inside my room and sometimes i feel that this job is so boring.

    • AhmadAwais

      Thanks for apreciating MOshin bro, keep woring , you work very well !
      I have seen you blogging in a great manner !
      As soon as you resolve your hosting issues you will start getting more and good deal of traffic.

  • AZ Zaidi

    I still can’t get over the wisdom that this kind of insightful thinking comes from:
    “I am sure my story narrates a lot of other poor lives like mine. The bitter reality is that all three of them i.e. BLOGGING, STUDIES and LOVE is a full time job.”

    Wow! I am in awe..

    • AhmadAwais

      Was waiting for your comment , when I was writing this, I knew even if the article got dumped there remains a person who is going to get through it, reading and then commenting in an astonishing way ! Yes talking about you !!!

  • Faraz Ahmed

    Hi Ahmad Awais,

    Great post indeed, almost similar situation here, job vs family vs friends vs studies vs personal activities aah… same here no proper time for anything.

    • AhmadAwais

      Oh that is great , waiting for converting my post from Love to Family , may be I will get some issues resolved by then !

  • Alina Sofia

    Very true!!! great article Ahmad Awais. I guess and hope this article will touch everybody’s heart.This article reflects the story many other hard working bloggers like you.Truly, you have perfect parents and perfect princess :P
    Hope to see such good work from you in future God Willing.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    • AhmadAwais

      Keep praising yourself HEHEHE

  • arcuz 2

    Thanks for another great article. The place else may anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect manner of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am at the look for such info.

    • AhmadAwais

      Good to know that !

  • Asad Jamal

    Great post! Very well done indeed. I love the way you write your posts and also their topics. Health of a blogger and this are topics people don’t even consider. Happens with me just like all of us :) Hope your girl friend doesn’t read it ;)

    • AhmadAwais

      Thanks for apreciating it, I think you didn’t understand the ending of this article !
      She was already reading it !
      By the way she is my Finacee.

    • AhmadAwais

      I guess you didn’t actually understood the last lines !!!
      They were interrupted from her, read again :)

  • khaja moin

    These things differ from one blogger to other. I have different things to work on..

    • AhmadAwais

      Good to know that

  • Abdul Qadoos

    job vs freelancing vs business vs love = everything ruined :D

    • AhmadAwais

      It gets better with time, don’t worry.

      • Abdul Qadoos

        yea depends on time…
        and hopefully time comes before 21 Dec 2012 :D

  • Sajith

    What a great article is this. I read it from top to bottom. This is the first time I read a story of this kind. Nicely related blogging vs love vs studies.

    • AhmadAwais

      Thanks for appreciating , keep yourself subscribed more is coming !

  • sandeep kumar

    Its really hard to manage a continuous effort in blogging with all other responsibilities…..

    I am also in the same situation……

    • AhmadAwais

      Good to know that sandeep !

  • Gowtham V

    Hey bro i must say that this is faced by many bloggers who work hard and sacrifice many things to get success.I thing balancing between things is very important for getting success too.
    And i was searching for an app to note my schedules.I tried this one it’s good.:-)

    • AhmadAwais

      Good to know , even this article was helpful for someone !

  • Sahl Ahmed

    Man its too hard to do all these things together :(

    Stil i am tryng my best, your post gives alot of motivation. thanks

  • Mohib

    To Hard working u r yr…
    The Article u wrote above is exceptional :)

    • AhmadAwais


      • Husnain

        Great article… liked it..
        Btw wasnt aware u in love … nice ahmad..

      • AhmadAwais

        Umm, Fiancee :)

  • sidharth

    Haha. Really an out of box stuff, indeed a great crush work. You have just entered into the pro path.

  • Chiranjeev

    Really nice post with this nice title. This is one of the common stage for every young blogger. enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing it.

    • AhmadAwais

      Thanks for liking it what about your life?

  • Kristan Alsing

    I just want to say I’m new to weblog and seriously liked this page. More than likely I’m likely to bookmark your blog post . You definitely come with impressive stories. Bless you for revealing your blog.

    • AhmadAwais

      Thanks :)

  • Rajesh @Technology Blog

    Enjoyed your article, very nicely written, there are many bloggers facing this condition.

    • AhmadAwais

      Hey, Rajesh Nice to see you here. Its good you liked it.

  • Aliakbar Fakhri

    Lovely story!
    i linked it:P

    • AhmadAwais

      I knew that !

  • Hamid Roshaan

    Brother i am acing some different Issues
    Studies,Blogging,Friends,Parents and My whole life is messed up.
    I will soon Publish an Article similer to it.
    We should also take out Time for Prayers, As we are sent to this world to Pray.