How to use Visual Studio 2008 for C++ & OOP 

Today I will teach you How to use Visual Studio 2008 for C++ & OOP programming ! The way I use it , with the help of images !


Open it by clicking the icon !

Step 2

Click the Create Project to make a new project !


Or you Can go to FILE > NEW > Project To do the same thing



Step 3

Now check if Win32 Console application is selected , Then enter a name of your project and click ok just like below

Step 4

Then a window will appear click NEXT


Step 5

Now Click Empty Project and then click Finish , Your Project is Created :)


Step 6

Now lets make a C plus plus file in it for coding.

Just Right click the Source Files Then click on Add and then on New Items.

Step 7 

Now Check if Cpp File is is selected , if so then add a name and then click ADD.

Last Step

Now start coding in your File ! :)


  • Remove the errors
  • Press the Green Play button in the second bar from top to run your code.
  • Use system(“pause”); in your programs to pause it at the end otherwise it will execute itself and will be vanished before you could see it .
  • Happy Coding ! Code is poetry !