Jan 22, 2013


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  • waqascheema

    This is nice i am also planning to buy from here …

    • AhmadAwais

      Why spam?

  • Mahesh Verma

    Nice information thanks for sharing this :)

    • AhmadAwais

      You are always welcomed.

  • mohit

    list is good but shocked to see their is no Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1…it is very nice….???

    • AhmadAwais

      That is one hell of a question.
      I restricted its inclusion myself coz it has already been reviewed at freakify.

      • mohit

        ohh..I missed that post,going to read it right now. :) :)

    • Saad Qazi

      Actually more focus has been put on tablets that will be more affordable. Galaxy 10.1 is something super-xpensive!

      • mohit

        Agree with you Saad, Galaxy tab 10.1 is a little bit expensive.

  • Sam@Goa Holiday Packages

    Yes these are the gadgets which you should have with you and better thing is that these gadgets you can affords in your budget easily.

  • Alina Sofia

    Cool collection indeed.

    • Saad Qazi

      Thanks for appreciation!

  • Vince

    Based on the list above, I’ll choose to go with the Apple iPad Mini though it is still unconfirmed. If I may add, I honestly think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is by far the best tablet out in the market today. It’s really cool mainly because of its multi-screen multitasking feature..

  • neha

    Really Its Amazing Informative and very innovative post. . Galaxy 10.1 is something super-xpensive! and very great.well thanks for giving me information.

  • james@Tablet PC

    Nice collection of the tablet, Really I am very excited great information for tablet, This blog facility provide for buying the tablet. thanks

    • AhmadAwais

      NO keywords in names allowed.

  • Shivani

    Really this is very nice i am also buy this.

  • shivani arora

    Thanks for posting such informative information Nice collection….

  • Gautam Doddamani

    i like ipad mini and surface a lot, some serious competition between the two..hehe LOL! acer is kinda very behind in the tablet industry. :)