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Another Myth About Foot Toes

Myths play an important role in our lives. Many take it way too serious, some for fun while others for their leisure time. Those who take it something really serious think that all the myths have some depth in them and if you go against by them is a sign of bad omen. This post is about one such myth of its own kind, which talks about the different foot structure representing different civilizations of the world. the displayed image explains that if your toes bear any of the shown alignment then you belong to that creed.

Another myth about life

This fact may or may not be true. We are of course familiar with our fathers and forefathers but hardly anyone knows about their roots. The reason behind these structural changes may be due to your ancestral chain but medical science has a lot to say about it in terms of your gene structure and changes that occur in them. But for now lets keep this business for the sake of fun. Grab your inch tapes or a measuring scale and lets measure the alignment of your foot. Share this myth with your family and friends. See whether they belong to the same creed or not and let us know about it.



By Alina Sofia

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