5 WP4FB Plugins Winners Announced!

WordPress for Facebook Plugins

WP4FB 2.0 is the best and well renowned WordPress Plugin to create different and unique Facebook Apps. We all know that the WordPress has made the invention of any internet product way too easy than before. Among all modes of social media Facebook is the most efficient and intimate way through which you can connect with millions of people at one time which may be very healthy and progressive for your business. This is the very purpose of WP4FB 2.0. Its every plugin is designed keeping in mind the Facebook’s Timeline.

WP4FB Plugins WinnersΒ of Giveaway

  1. Shakil BD
  2. Siva Kumar
  3. Mark
  4. Muhammad Usama
  5. Sumon Selim

Interesting Features of WP4FB



















Who won the Giveaway?

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9 replies on “5 WP4FB Plugins Winners Announced!”

they are lucky guys but i am not lucky this kind contest. But I will try again and again for winning any contest. :) Please give more contest again on your site. because I’m stubborn :p

Cheers to all the Freakify readers! As the founder of WP4FB, I’d like to thank you all for participating in this contest. I’m really humbled that you all joined the contest, hoping to win a free copy of WP4FB 2.0.

Unfortunately, not all of you can win.. But 5 can! I just sent the 5 winners their free copy of WP4FB 2.0. Should be feeling as Christmas already?! ;-)

If you weren’t lucky enough to win, but you’re still interested in WP4FB 2.0.. If you send me an email/ticket and tell us you’re from Freakify, I’ll add a good bonus to your purchase (when you order WP4FB 2.0).

Have a great day!


Looked into this after you initially posted about it. Sounds promising, but not as plug and play and I originally might have thought. I’ll still keep it under consideration moving forward. Thanks for share this post.

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