Winners Announced ! All Premium Plugins of MaxBlogPress


I feel glad to notify you that we have announced the three lucky winners for our the give away !

So, what was in the giveaway ? There were three plugins in the giveaway. Let me name the winners accordingly !

  • MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back (Fabinu I.)
  • MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate (Mairaj P.)
  • MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet (Shahid Hussain)

The total cost of these licenses is more than $150. Winners will get their accounts with Maxblogpress team Very soon ! Before Itake any further action I would like three of them to comment here with the emails they want to get registered with.

By Freakify Editorial

The post was written by the Freakify Editorial Team. used to be managed by Awais, Maedah and their team before its acquisition.

24 replies on “Winners Announced ! All Premium Plugins of MaxBlogPress”

Maxblogpress is on of the best plugin I ever used before but since it was gone I have never find any replacement that works the same way as it is. I never heard of this contest before and now its announcement of winner so bad I am a bit late for this.

Finally i won that, Thanks Ahmad Awais for the great giveaway. You can get my email adress from this comment box, i have used my main email adress in the email section of this comment.

Thanks Once Again.

HI Ahmad Bro,

That was really an Excellent giveaway, the most AWESOME thing was it’s period.. Really an Awesome..
Thanks for giveaway, Congrats to all other winners :).
But, Bro. I think I’m not at second position and at 3rd! So, why you’re giving me Ninja Affiliate away?
While I think subscribers magnet should be mine.
Please take time to consider over it.

Hey Ahmad to bad that i am not a winner….Just wanted to suggest you something in your author box above you mentioned Follow Ahmad on Twitter…You have not entered your profile link…Please add the link so i can follow you.
thank you

Minor butsilly mistake Just corrected the link! Thanks :) Best of luck in the giveaway starting today’s Eve here at Freakify. You may get a chance to win adstockimages premium account. Key to win is sharing more than anyone.

Hey, Avinash better luck next time, you should have shared it more to get your entries count increased.
Today there will be a giveaway of premium accounts of adstockimages. I hope you will join it. Just 3 days Giveaway.

Congo Mairaj.
First of all it was selected randomly by the script of Secondly, are you serious ??? You are preferring any other plugin over Ninja Affiliates? I earn a good affiliate income every month because of it. You should try your luck.
Affiliate income is way better than adsense or other ads.

Well, I know all the plugins by MBP are enough Powerful.
But, I’m at the moment, not on my way to earn!
However, I’m trying to get more subscribers for my list..
Hence, I was trying to grab that..

Anyway, I’ll be reading about Ninja Affiliate. If I’ve to get that from you.. No Problem at all, I’m not worrying about prizes too much. But, just was preferring Subscribers Magnet, because I had read it’s review once. Never read review on Ninja, so I was…..

It’s really good to have any premium plugin for free, but taking tension and giving tension, just because of I don’t know much about other plugin (MBP Ninja Affiliate), would be FOOLISHNESS!

Thanks for Awesome Giveaway, am happy to win.. You’re doing Great, eagerly waiting for your another giveaway! That seems to be really cool, because of accounts at StockImages!

Big Thank!

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