Why can’t Google release an SEO Quality Check Up Calculator?

You might have been feeling fed up after trying a lot to discover how to get ranked for good & great keywords at Google. If you are then you might have ran into a kind of deep thinkng why can’t Google just release an SEO Quality Check Up calculator. Vipin from Dehli India asked this same question from Mat Cutts and his reply seems to be worthy enough.

Why can’t Google release an SEO Quality Check Up Calculator?

Google release an SEO Quality Check Up


What do you think?

  • Simple answer to the question is : Because of spammers
  • This answer justifies the query or not?


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19 replies on “Why can’t Google release an SEO Quality Check Up Calculator?”

There is nothing wrong in releasing or providing a software. But what I personally think is –

If the so called spammers can see what exactly is wrong with their content then they would probably can optimize their spam content to hide themselves and get more professional in spamming people blog who actually are very hard workers (pro bloggers)

So it might be a good idea for not having such a tool to encourage spammers (Indirectly).

However we will be getting the notification through our email from webmaster tool and also they show us the problems :)

But hen you tell me how to do SEO and increase pagerank Because link building also seems as danger to any webmaster after panda and Penguin.

For that, Google will have to reveal many Ranking factors which it doesn’t want to.
Also, search results will be much more artificial. There will be a never ending race of ranking points (or score) and content will become second priority (which already is, for many content producers). This way, the content that is providing genuine value to readers will lose visibility, and all money seekers will grab top positions.

Ultimately, that will be end of Google’s reign in search market.

Hi Ahmed, Nice question.

the same question arises in my mind some times. but at last after reading your post and watching the video it has been cleared.

thanks for resource.

i think this is a very good point that you have made,we always search for lots of topics for what is the best way to do good seo but the point or reason given because of spammers is also a valid point what have been discussed.

Yes this is nice point to notice and i think google should update this as soon as possible because those all people will feel relief who all are involve in optimization.

you can go to to easily add your gravator incase you dont know how to do it

Hi Ahmad Awais,

Well i think if google releases any seo quality check up tool, then it might be no use of quality webmasters as spammers will ruin it by their tricks. So we must agree that google will always send traffic to quality blogs. Hence the quality content always beneficial to us.


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