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VPN4ALL Internet with Freedom

It’s quite simple how someone can access your computer while you are innocently surfing online, acquire all your vital information and use it for their selfish gains.

It happened to one of my friends a few months back, he was in a café using the public Wifi to send a couple of emails online, someone hacked into his email account, scooped his credit card details and before he knew it, more than a thousand dollars was used on various shopping activities under his name.

In order to avoid such mishaps it’s always good to secure your browsing experience whenever you are online.

There are a number of software tools one can use for this purpose, but a VPN software tops my chart.

So “what is a VPN” for some of us who don’t know about them? “Good question whoever asked it

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network; which is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like Wifi Hotspots and the internet.

I have used a couple of VPN software over the last few years, but I always recommend VPN4ALL.

VPN4ALL is a powerful VPN client that encrypts all your internet traffic with military-grade encryption as it leaves your computer, and tunnels it through one of their secure VPN servers, thus making your data invulnerable to logging, monitoring, and unauthorized content analysis.

I love it because it provides a fine balance between the tech savvy guys and those people with no interest or skills in technology, thus making it easy to set up, simple to use, and very effective.

Let’s dive in to some of the benefits it provides.


Unlike many VPN softwares which are stuck with way too many features. VPN4ALL provides a simple, crisp and clear interface that makes it easy to understand


Whenever you are browsing the web, accessing an online resource or using an internet service; streaming or downloading all your incoming and outgoing internet traffic remains encrypted at all times. This means that no one, even with an authorized access to your local network or router can see what kind of traffic you are sending or receiving over the internet

Switch it Easy & Free

VPN4ALL lets you change your real local IP address to 1000+ new IP addresses in over 30 countries (80+ cities) worldwide.

Simply connect to one of the VPN4ALL server locations and your VPN4ALL VPN software will securely tunnel your encrypted Internet traffic through your new anonymous IP address

24/7/365 Support

They have an excellent customer support that let’s you communicate with a human. Just reach out and they will get you in-depth and up-to-date answers fast.


That’s not all, VPN4ALL also lets you Work and play, stream videos and share files, browse and download, make calls and chat, do online shopping and banking. With VPN4ALL all your Internet traffic is secure and anonymous, so that no one can interfere with it.


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