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VOTE for in Pakistan Blog 2011
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VOTE for in Pakistan Blog 2011

By the grace of Almighty Allah has been nominated in Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 in the category of Best Technology Blog-International Technology .
Thanks to Allah n FREAKS NETWORK TEAM & yes all of you , the audience!

We need votes before 28th November , 2011.
Voting process is simple just visit the link below and click on the stars under my name in other words rate me on the scale of stars i.e. 5 stars, 3 stars. You can also show your support by leaving comments there and spreading the word to the world by sharing that page over FB or through your tweets.

Link to vote Β in Pakistan Blog 2011:Β

(Remember the voting stars are there below the title )

By Freakify Editorial

The post was written by the Freakify Editorial Team. used to be managed by Awais, Maedah and their team before its acquisition.