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Most Funny Valentine's Day Fails 2014

Most Funny Valentine’s Day Fails 2014

Valentine’s Day fever is on its peak these days and everyone is getting crazy about it. Everyone is hoping and expecting that this day will be one of the memorable day of their life. All is well that ends well is a famous saying but this may not remain true every time. It happens sometimes that out of shear excitement you may end up in doing stupid things which spoil your special occasion. So, our today’s post will tell you about some Most Funny Valentine’s Day Fails 2014. All these fails are based on reality and do occur at times.

These fails are experienced with the daily items of the life which are also the specialty of this day. I am sure that after these fails you will be much more cautious about your gift and preparations for this Valentine’s Day. You will surely not want to become one of these goofs and end up in messing your D-Day. Scroll through these hilarious fails and enjoy yourselves. Plus let us know that have you ever experienced any of these fails or any other fail? If yes!!! then share your experience with us. Our readers will love to know and will definitely want to learn from your experience. Enjoy and have a safe V-Day.

No.1: You’re loved and appreciated awkwardly

18 Hilariously Epic Valentine's Day Fails 28 - -

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No. 2: When you spell your love wrong

You Had One Frigging Job! - -
Source: Cake Wrecks

No. 3: Notebook? Really???

Valentine's Day fail....  BAHAHAHA - -

Source: Cheezburger

No. 4: An everlasting gift

18 Hilariously Epic Valentine's Day Fails 32 - -

Source:  Funpedia

No.5: Alcoholic Fever

img - -

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No.6: Valentine’s Day gives you an upset stomach?

18 Hilariously Epic Valentine's Day Fails 10 - -

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No. 7: Combine this with No.4 for the ultimate punch

18 Hilariously Epic Valentine's Day Fails 26 - -
Source: Cake Wrecks

No 8: Girlfriend’s Shoes

Top 10 Hilarious Valentine's Day Fails 14 -

Source: Full Punch

No. 9: Never let her worry about dying again!

Making funeral arrangements.  -

Source: Keep Busy

No. 10: Finally, you will lonely and single in the end

single3 -
single4 -
single5 -
single7 -
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