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Microsoft Certification Exam Earn College Credits

Do you know that you can be eligible for dual benefits if you are a college student or professional wishing to resume further studies? Surprised? Well, you should not be, since a golden opportunity waits for you. You have the coveted opportunity to apply for your Microsoft certification which will enable you to earn much needed college credit. It is a great moment towards cementing your future like never before. Being a Microsoft certified Professional; you are going to earn credits with an authentic and valid Microsoft certification. It is indeed like “killing two birds with one stone”. In a bachelor’s degree, individuals are eligible to apply to approved certifications and the duration lasts to a maximum of six semester hours of college credit. They can equally apply on associate degree in the areas of computer information systems, computer applications as well as informational technology. Through diligent participation and self-study with Microsoft certification exam learning aids such as Testslive, you will quickly reach your goals of certification with the added benefit of potential college credit.


Microsoft Certification Exam

Following are the steps which you need to adhere while taking the Microsoft certification exam:-

  • You are required to register and pay for your exam by attending school, college, university or even online school
  • After registering, you will get to know the exam date and subsequently, you will need dual identification at the centre (like passport or driving license)
  • After taking the exam, the results are announced immediately. While for the first times, it usually takes around 2 to 4 weeks for the Microsoft to announce result.
  • You can take the mock exam in order to get familiarized with the exact format of the exam as well.

In order to get started, you can select the Microsoft certification program according to your choice in order to get enrolled in the training courses.

Programs which you can select are

  1. Networking
  2. Administration of Microsoft Systems
  3. Management of Microsoft Databases
  4. Learning about Programming
  5. Web Development

Importance of Testslive

Thanks to Testslive, (highly sophisticated learning aid), you will get further boost while doing self study in a diligent way. It will help in reaching your coveted goals of certification, thus signaling additional benefits of potential college credit. It is imperative to qualify for college credits that candidates are successful in earning a select Microsoft Certification with the last three-year period.

Hence, if you possess an updated Microsoft Certification or are planning to pursue one, now such an enriching opportunity is there which is going to shower endless benefits on you of earning credits towards another degree program. It is advisable to check with the Microsoft Learning as this opportunity might not be available everywhere.

According to a saying, “Decisions which are taken at the tight time does wonders”. Hence you should not wait any further towards making a pleasant difference in your professional life as it give you much needed boost which will you rightly deserve. Such an esteemed course speaks volumes about the capabilities of individuals and hence promises to auger well in your career by gifting with highly lucrative jobs too. It pays to make smart decisions after all. Isn’t it?



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