Last 10 Summer Olympics LOGO Designs

As the Olympic fever is at its peak, I thought it would be really interesting to share the design trends in Olympics. LOGO designing has evolved a lot in last 10 years. The LOGO of the biggest sport festival of the world is marketed everywhere in the world. If we consider the previous Olympics LOGOS, we’ll notice that their trend has been changed to a more multicolored concept.

The 2012 London Olympics’ LOGO was designed by Wolff Olins, but it was not liked much by the public. When it was published, the public reaction was hugely negative. In a BBC poll held in June 2007, more than 80% of votes gave it the possibly lowest rating. The font used in the logo also met with criticism. It was selected for the first place in the “8 Worst Fonts in the World” in Simon Garfield’s 2010 book “Just My Type”, he commented

“the uncool font is based on jaggedness and crudeness, not usually considered attributes where sport is concerned.”

Comparing to this LOGO, people think that the earlier LOGOS were much better.


So let’s see the list of Logos of last 10 Olympic games:


Montreal 1976 :

Moscow  1980 :

Los Angeles 1984 :

Seoul 1988 :

Barcelona 1992 :

Atlanta 1996 :

Sydney 2000 :

Athens 2004 :

Beijing 2008 :

London 2012 :

What I think:

Well according to me, the Beijing and Athens Olympic Logos are the best. They are comparatively more creative and professional.

What do YOU think?

Now it is up to you to tell me that which one of the list is the best? Comment and share your thoughts!

By AhmadBilal

Ahmad Bilal is one of the youngest Bloggers in Pakistan. He knows how to code in HTML & CSS and has recently started blogging at the age of 10. Graphics Design world inspires him to earn through LOGO Designing as a Freelancer. He knows Photoshop as well. He Loves and plays football so often.

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