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How to Restore your Blog if server crashes and you have no Backup !

Isn't the title interesting enough ? Restoring your blog with having no latest back up? Yes ! It is not possible in a very good manner but still something is better than nothing. So let me get staright here to tell you this is an experimental way. It may work for some and may not work for others. All I want to do is to help those who are stuck in the middle of no where.

My Assumptions

  • What I am assuming here is that you take back ups on monthly or weekly basis or atleast you do have a backup that was taken two months before your server HDD crashed. 
  • Your blog is being cached by Google.
  • Your blog is at WordPress

Let's Start

If you have your old backup put it online and now you will be faced by a problem. You don't have any posts after that backup saved in. Now what to do. What you can do is to open that post in Google's Cache and copy the content post it again with the same URL otherwise use the article :How to republish your posts with a different date in WordPress?

How to open your articles in Google cache?

Well this is quite an easy thing to do. Just put cache before your url and see the magic.

e.g. Your url was you have to open cache: . Then copy its content and republish it.

What if you want to have a precautionary measure?

If your server is not crashed yet (Hope so it never crashes) then you can install a WordPress plugin that helps you in saving your data in a very unique way. One may ask how ! To answer this how let's see what is the plugin and what it is capable of !

ST Email Backup For Published Posts This plugin will mail the admin email, every article's content when it is published :)Quite cool yay nay?

Hope so this info Helps


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15 replies on “How to Restore your Blog if server crashes and you have no Backup !”

This is the problem which many bloggers might face and I guess you faced it recently :)
So this article will help many in not panicking if such situation exists.

Some hosting companies have automatic daily backups. However these tips are extremely helpful especially on those hosts that don’t. I’ve had it happen to me before and it always seems to happen the week I forget to create a backup. Good Post!

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