Gmail Compose Preview Updated

Gmail Compose Preview Updated recently. The way you compose emails is now way different and looks even better when you reply to someone’s emails. This has made the mailing experience simpler, elegant cleaner and sleek. By the way it is

  • Fast: Write emails from your inbox pop-up.
  • Simple: Clean, sleek & elegantly minimal.
  • Powerful: Threading concept here, check your emails while you reply to someone at the same time.
Gmail Compose Preview Updated

Gmail Compose Preview Updated

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Details Of Using this New Feature


Replying & Forwarding Made Easier

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Coming Soon Features

coming sooon to gmail

How new Gmail compose Works

how new gmails works

Gmail Compose Preview Updated

Your Valuable Thoughts?

  • What do you think about this update?
  • Is it good or bad?
  • Why would it be beneficial if you think so it is good?
  • Why not good?


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9 replies on “Gmail Compose Preview Updated”

In My Opinion the new update of Compose menu of GMail is very cool and minimalist design. Every casual user of Gmail is surely gonna like it but it will be hated by the professionals who type long emails.
Allover its a good update and Gmail is coming with good features like always.

Yeah i have noticed this update and i did not know how i can i get back to old view. Thanks for letting me know how to get back. :)

Thank you

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