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Download Facebook Home For Androids & All you Want to Know

Facebook has introduced a new android phone OS overlay, Facebook is calling this overlay as Facebook Home they are stating welcome home get the first download for free on April 12 or pre-ordered the new cellphone HTC first this cellphone will feature this app as a de facto standard.

Facebook Home


introduction to Facebook home the family apps that you put on your wallpaper will make your phone your heart with this home application everything the notification the Facebook page covers pictures friends posts photos and upfront notifications all of them will get friendlier you won’t be able to miss a moment. This Facebook home application is only for android phones right now.

Facebook home

Cover feed

Friends Fill the Screen the Wallpapers of Your Wallpaper As Soon As They Update Their Home Covers These Feed Will Show You More Friendly Newsfeeds Than Ever Your Friends Will Be Caught in Spotlights on Whatever They’re Sharing Their Photos Status Updates being and Much More Than You Can Ever Imagine.

COver feed

Chat Heads

Having all your conversation in one spot, is one thing that Facebook has been focusing for so long sending receiving notifications messages all in one place even like Google plus you will see circles of profile pictures of your friends in groups you can do group chats all one on one conversations.


SMS groups

App launcher

Get right to Facebook and other essential resources like instagram etc. taking your picture wherever you want is an easy task now that left to see your messages that up to see the app launcher Right to see whatever the app used pastime when you are using this Facebook home all your important stuff in one place it is just a matter breaking right left up and down.

App launcher


Download Facebook home

So are you ready to buy a new phone HTC first $ 4.99 this cellphone will be available in market in five red and pale blue colors with 4.3 inches screen I megapixel rear camera LTE capabilities and exclusively provided where by AT&T networks on April 12 in the US. This phone will feature this Facebook home application by default or else you will see Facebook home application in Google placed over by April 12, 2013.


New Facebook Home Download

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